The Nicolaysen Art Museum

Stunning new exhibits revealed at this week's Casper Art Walk

Casper Art Walk – The Nicolaysen Art Museum

October 6, 2016


We have so many wonderful things going on at the October 6th Art Walk! Come by for the reception of our newest exhibit: Invasive Paper IV, check out pop-up artist Amy Elmore's new work, and our other new exhibits by Thomas Macker and Richard Buswell!


Invasive Paper IV exhibit reception from 5:30-7:30pm. “The nature of turning something that is of little to no interest or detested by much of the population into something beautiful with a new life is interesting to me. My reasoning for choosing to use invasive species had to do with the abundant nature and overall hatred of the invasive plants. I have yet to experience someone who is not excited about the prospect of getting the weeds off of their property. After the first iteration of the Invasive Paper show, I had one of the participating artists approach me and tell me how much he loved working with the material. He explained that the material was so different and unexpected that any pre-planning or ties to his previous research had to be let go of and that he thought the paper had helped him to break out of some patterns that he had fallen into in his work. This, or similar stories have arisen from each of the subsequent shows.” - Sukha Worob, Artist & Exhibit Organizer

Beautiful piece by Amy Elmore, available for purchase at the Art Walk.


We will also have artist Amy Elmore featured during the Art Walk - she will have new items for sale! The majority of her work is made from porcelain and organic inspired. Come in and check it out!


While you’re at The NIC, you can check out our other new exhibits! Richard Buswell: Close to Home and Thomas Macker: Holdout.