Adam J. Cohen Offers a Variety of High-Quality Medical Treatments

Chicago, Illinois, April 23, 2017: Adam J. Cohen, M.D., is pleased to announce he offers a wide variety of high-quality facial medical treatments at his practice. The highly-respected Chicago plastic surgeon works diligently to restore an improved, more youthful and beautiful look.

Dr. Cohen is skilled in repairing ptosis, or drooping eyelids. When upper eyelids sag, they can make the face appear uneven. He has several methods to correct the condition, which is caused by muscles that are unable to elevate the lids. Whichever method is used will result in small, barely visible incisions for superior results.

Ectropion, or turned out eyelids, can sag away from the eyes, which leaves them more vulnerable and affects vision and eye health. Dr. Cohen can cut part of the lid and suture it back together or use a skin graft method to fix the problem.

At Dr. Cohen’s practice, patients can get their entropion, or turned in eyelids, repaired. With this condition, the lids are rolled inward, which can cause irritation and affect vision. Dr. Cohen typically uses small incisions to tighten the lids to restore them to their appropriate position.

Excessive tearing, eye socket reconstruction and more are offered to patients to help them achieve their desired look through safe, effective surgical procedures. Dr. Cohen is known as one of Chicago’s finest in his field and strives to help patients redefine their appearance, restore self-esteem and enhance natural beauty.

For more information about the practice and their services, visit the website at Adam J. Cohen or call 1-847-834-0390.

About Adam J. Cohen: Adam J. Cohen, M.D. is a well-respected and esteemed facial and eyelid plastic surgeon located in Chicago. The plastic surgeon is highly trained and experienced in helping patients improve their appearance, restoring youth and enhancing self-esteem. He offers a variety of cosmetic treatments like brow lifts, facelifts, eyelid surgery, peels, fillers and more. Medical treatments for conditions like ectropion, entropion, skin cancer, ptosis and more are also provided.

Company: Adam J. Cohen

Address: 2800 Sheridan Rd., Ste. 103

City: Chicago

State: IL

Zip code: 60657

Telephone number: 1-847-834-0390