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9 Strategies that Help Brands to Turn Prospects into Leads

Jay Baer - founder of have recently created a post/podcast You Should Give Your Customers a Slow Lane in which he explained.

“Don’t think that just because you have the opportunity to act fast, that that’s what your customers want. They want to take their time. They want to self-educate. And when they’re ready, if you’ve done it correctly, when they’re ready, your customers will come calling.”

If truth be told, most people don’t convert fast, they need time to research your brand, read customer reviews and then they decide to buy from you.

But the problem of most business marketers these days is that they lack patience and want from potential customers to open their wallet to make a purchase in the first place. Perhaps your customers find your products interesting but they are not ready at that time, give some options that allow them to come back. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletters or provide some incremental connection opportunities that will ultimately reward you with their loyalty and money both.

Marketing campaigns are meant to optimize fast conversions. But in reality, majority of people rarely willing to convert at first contact, instead they try to stick around and hold a buying decision for a while.

If you really want your hesitant prospects to connect and convert, then you need to be patient, stay in touch with your prospects, and remind them of your products or offers – this is the most crucial yet overlooked Slow Lane of marketing.

Obviously you can’t afford to neglect these hesitant, potential customers to lose. Read these effective strategies that will keep your potential buyers interested and ultimately lead to conversions.

1. Inform them About Your Offers

There are so many reasons customers can think of why they would subscribe to your emails or newsletters. Although they might not be interested in your products - at all. Perhaps it is not the right time, may be they want some advanced features in your product or perhaps they have no time to take a closer look at yet.

Without an email or newsletter, businesses are likely to lose their prospects. And with a newsletter you will be able to update your potential buyers with recent blogs, product update, discount offers and anything that sound informative and interesting both. This way you remind your prospects again and again that your brand exists that is offering great products and deals and will help you to grow your business.

2. Provide them Something Informative

A consistent stream of useful information can do wonders. If you provide regular, interesting updates, then surely it will keep your prospects interested. Not only it will build trust, but it can easily serve as a friendly reminder of your brand without annoying yet forceful sales call.

3. Stay in Touch with Your Prospects

Let me share my experience here: I signed up for a monthly trial of an amazing product. The only problem with me was, I could not get to try out the product in that one month trial period because I were damn busy. And ultimately the subscription has been cancelled. But still the brand didn’t give up on.

Because I didn’t refrain from making a purchase just because I was not interested, the only reason was I were not ready at that time. Within this trial period, they regularly got in touch with me, asking me if I need any help. And once the trial period has expired, they get in touch by sending emails that offer extended trial or asking for feedback.

I will definitely remember their brand whenever the right time comes. At the right time, they might remind me to buy that particular product.

4. Connect them on Social Media

Many people don’t subscribe too many newsletters because those emails make their inbox crowded. But still they don’t feel reluctant to subscribe to their favorite blogs and brands and show more interest to get their regular updates.

I personally follow some influencers (JeffBullas, Neil Patel, Seth Godin) some famous blogs and brands (Zappos, Toms,) on Twitter and Facebook and they regularly send me their updates on emails.

I can easily stay on top of all the recent updates they post because their emails stand out in my crowded inbox. They keep sending me their products, offers and services and ultimately I might buy a product or get services from them whenever I need it.

5. Build Loyalty with your Offers

Even the most expensive products and services require some trust to persuade people to buy. Giving a free trial or offering a giveaway is not something bizarre any more. But even if you are not selling a product which gives a free trial, you can still create something to give for free, only to gain trust of your prospects.

You can offer a guide, certification, eBook, webinar, course, email or anything that can give knowledge for free. There is always something that your brand can offer for free to build brand loyalty and trust. People who trust you and believe in your services are much more likely to buy from you.

6. Educate Them about Your Products

No matter if you are a mobile app development company, SaaS startup or an established enterprise, be careful to educate your prospects about your products, services, apps and tell the usefulness of your offerings.

Don’t be too promotional otherwise you will lose the attention of your prospects instead of conniving them to convert. Don’t use promotional language, simply explain how your products can solve the problems they are facing. Provide your prospects with useful information in the form of newsletters, webinars, podcasts, blog posts and tutorials – just to educate and convince them to buy your products.

7. Offer Something Special

An interested prospect can anytime be turned into a customer with an amazing discount offer. It is a matter of psychology that we all like to make a good deal and convince ourselves for that sales offer. Even though the price was not the reason for not buying in the first place.

If your prospects like your product but still are unclear when would be a good time for a purchase, your chances are good to make your brand the next step if you offer some amazing deals.

8. Create Brand Credibility by Case Studies and Testimonials

There are no better way to build trust and gain customer loyalty by giving a voice to your happy customers. Testimonials are an effective way to showcase the usefulness and quality of your products.

Though your brand feels proud of developing an advanced product, creating professional websites or developing successful mobile apps, customers tell how the product/service/app helped them with their own business.

Adding use cases in your business website is the best way to add value to your band and convince your prospects

9. Convince them with Your Kind Words

It is the best way to convince a prospect not only for the quality products you offer to them, but also the excellent service you provide. Offering a great customer service can convert more and more new customers, on the other hand, showing any unresponsiveness can make you lose your potential buyers. Surely, a user interested enough will contact your support staff to ask about the product.

To Conclude it All

Convert your “not now” prospects into a “big yes”. Follow the above cited strategies and you will be succeed to get more new customers that will eventually generate more sales.