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How Invention and Technology are Helping to Build Businesses

Ever since man began to imagine more dreams that once appeared like a fantasy have been made a reality. Technology has been evolving and what might be considered as the latest invention might in a couple of years be considered as ancient technology. People are beginning to make sense of things around them and the impact they have on their lives.

Many people have a hard time knowing where to start with an invention idea. Some have also asked whether an invention has anything to do with technology.

To better answer these question, you need to understand that anyone can be an inventor. An invention can constitute a device, service, or a product that is distinctively unique and helps to solve a problem. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complex to be considered an invention.

Technology has played a central role in innovation. This is mainly because everything these days runs on the latest technology. It only makes sense if people innovate new technological methods to help make other people’s lives easy.

Before an innovation is considered to be an innovation, it has to begin as an idea. Most of the ideas are born out of curiosity or are inspired by the existence of a problem. A good example of the latest unique innovation will be the Zipper Genie invented by Jessica Jones. Jessica said that she was inspired by an idea of a product that could help women zip their dresses by themselves. She said that, just like any other woman, she found the zipping process to be time-consuming and required assistance from someone else. In return, she envisioned a product that could help women handle this task independently and fast, hence the Zipper Genie.

Other than her, many inventors have credited a certain scenario they faced as a contributing factor to their inventions.

When someone has an idea, it’s time to transform that idea into an actionable plan. The plan will include the costs associated with transforming the idea, to the time taken and the impact on the market. A product/service is only as good as the plan.

A patent will be required to protect your invention from greedy corporates and counterfeit manufacturers. Getting your idea and invention patented will limit the extent to which your competition can produce an exact copy of your product/service. If your invention becomes a success, you should expect others to follow your footsteps and come up with other similar products or services, hence competition.

Inventors get a chance of exposing their inventions to the corporations that are seeking a new line of product. The inventor also gets a chance of acquiring funding for their invention too. That’s why inventors are always encouraged to attend the InventHelp’s INPEX Invention Trade Show and get a chance of exposing their latest invention to potential investors. INPEX gives people a rare chance or reaching out to investors that help them build a business around their invention. An inventor also gets an opportunity of creating new connections in the industry that might one day become fruitful. The platform hosts domestic and international inventors with over 40 different categories. InventHelp also helps inventors to acquire a patent through their patent referral service. People also benefit from the seminars and workshops at InventHelp's INPEX Invention Trade Show that educate them on the latest technological inventions.