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The Crop Stop’s “Adopt Don’t Shop” Campaign

The Crop Stop is an online fashion and retail company that sells women’s clothing. The “Adopt Don’t Shop” campaign will be launched in April with the new Husky dog pajama set release. With each set bought, the company will donate 50% of its proceeds to Husky House, a rescue center for dogs in the Tri-State area.

Each month, The Crop Stop, launches a new pajama set featuring a new breed of dog. On April 2, 2017, the company will launch their new set as well as announce their collaboration with Husky House to the public.

“As a company, we need to be more socially minded and work towards bettering the world. The Crop Stop has decided that animal welfare and adoption is where we want to start giving back,” says Andrew Williams, CEO of The Crop Stop.

The idea of a philanthropic collaboration was brought to them by a customer, Megan Portorini, who recently saved a small puppy that she has named Balto. Balto is the new face of the pajama set coming out in April.

Meet Balto

“Saving Balto was the best decision I ever made. I am so happy that The Crop Stop loved my story enough to do something more about the issue at hand. Adopting dogs will run puppy mills out of business and hopefully change a lot in our world,” says Portorini.

There are an estimated 70 million stray dogs and cats that need loving homes in the US, however it is impossible to be certain. Additionally, 81% of all huskies in the US are not cared for properly or are mistreated. This dog breed is also one that needs to be in a colder climate due to their fur coat, however about 14% of dog owners in California own a husky.

The Crop Stop hopes that this partnership will give Husky House the funds necessary to open up more rescue centers across the country. We are anticipating this collaboration to generate buzz about the topic of animal welfare, as well as create a positive impact for these creatures,” says Andrew Williams.

The new Husky PJ top

The Crop Stop is an online women's fashion and retail company. Established in 2016, they hit their one year mark in March. Their original dog pajama sets have been sold to over 54 countries and to all US states. The Crop Stop hopes to expand their company to include an original line of phone cases by 2018, as well as partner up with more charities that benefit animal welfare.

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Delphie Juneau, Communications director

Phone: (540)-235-2185


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