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Drain Cleaning. Methods

The process of drain cleaning is a necessity, which every person has to deal with from time to time. The main cause for the formation of clogging is the deposits on the walls of drain pipes, formed by household waste - soap residues, fat, hair and other wastes. Some regular preventive drain cleaning Toronto from fat lets you avoid the formation of large clogging. Below here are some tips on how to do drain cleaning properly.

One of the prerequisites for comfortable living conditions in a house is the proper operation of the drain system, which by the way can be achieved if one turns to drain cleaning services. However, malfunctions caused by the formation of clogging can occur at any time, especially if the household members do not follow the drain use rules or the fact that the house has some old drain pipes. In addition, wastewater contains impurities, which in time can narrow the opening of the drain pipe.

When dealing with such a problem as drain repairs, it is advisable to get acquainted with the methods of cleaning drain pipes and find out what equipment can be used in this procedure. We should also mention that you can always turn to drain cleaning services if the clogging is too large.

There are several ways to solve the problem on your own, though. Let us consider some methods that make it possible to perform drain cleaning.

Chemical method

Chemicals for cleaning of drain pipes are quite common since this method requires minimal effort. Chemical drain cleaning Toronto is based on the ability of certain substances (acids or alkalis) to dissolve the sediment on the walls of the pipes.

However, the chemical method has its drawbacks: it is not able to clean drain pipes if the clogging is serious.

Mechanical method

The best way to do drain cleaning is via mechanical cleaning. When using this method, the clogging is destroyed mechanically, by using a special tool. For example, a plumbing cable.

This method is quite effective and is fairly cheap. A plumbing cable itself is inexpensive, and it can be used for many years when later dealing with drain cleaning Toronto. The disadvantage of the method is the considerable amount of effort you will have to put in. In addition, in the process of mechanical cleaning, it is necessary to clean the cable from the dirt that has accumulated on it, which, naturally, is not a pleasant thing to do.

Hydraulic method

The basis of the method is the destruction of clogging through the impact of a hydraulic shock. For the purpose of drain repairs in a house, special machines equipped with high pressure pumps are used. A flexible hose, equipped with a nozzle, is lowered into the drain pipe and the cleaning process occurs. The movement of the nozzle is provided by hydrodynamic forces.

Professional hydrodynamic cleaning of drain has many advantages. First and foremost, this is environmental safety, because regular water is used. In addition, the method is sufficiently effective: a jet of water supplied under high pressure can cope with even serious clogging.