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High school

 We went around RMS on February 11-14 and asked people questions about high school some of the questions we asked people were things like How do you feel? Are you nervous? Are you excited? Are you sacred? And What will you do when you go to highschool? we have interviewed 5 students some said that they “were kinda scared of moving on from middle school”. Preston Nelson said that he wants to get better grades and have a great looking GPA,  and we also questioned Summer spoonhunter she said that she wants to drop-out as soon as she gets to high school. An 8th grader named Zachary Schamber said that when he gets to high school he is going to do try to make it last because his middle school years didn’t really lasts. Jada a 7th grader wants to take Spanish when she gets to high school.

Aireonna Snyder Alita Valenzuela