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6th grade track meet

We asked some 6th graders how the track meets went. Cael Arbogast - “ I got 2nd on my relays, 800 ft 77th, 400 3rd  ,Discuss 35½ ft. Track has been so far fun but its super challenging but fun.”

Logan Cory - “ I have done 1600, Discus ,800 ,relay I did good.”

Corbin Richardson - “shot put discus 1st 3rd, long jump 100 mt dash 1st 5th it's also pretty fun.Track is a really fun because track, athletes compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m sprints, 800m ,1,600m, and long distance races. The long distance is all about running for a long distance type of work out. Sprinters workout is also fun because they run around the track and do a little walking time as a break.”

By: Tyler Lesoski and Christian Nimmo