The Pitches

Back Problems – More Common Than You Think

Instances of spine-related pain are on the rise all across the country. Some statistics say that 4 out of 5 Americans will experience some sort of back pain in their lifetime. Due to the rise in documented cases, it may prompt patients and doctors alike to wonder why are there so many instances of injuries or pain related to this part of the body? Identifying causes may prevent future recurring issues, or new cases of pain. Along with identifying the cause, treatments and solutions for the high volume of patients presenting with these issues should also be explored. 

Why Is Back Pain So Prevalent?

When considering what the cause or contributing factors may be for back pain, one might automatically assume some sort of injury as the cause. However many back issues are caused by things like working conditions or tools, like unsupportive office furniture. Consider the number of hours Americans spend sitting in an office chair, or while driving, or in front of a television set. Americans are spending a lot more time in positions that over time can cause issues with the spinal column.

The Spine

The spine is a fascinating part of the human body because so many other pieces and parts of the body connect to it and get their strength from it. Any issue the present in any of these parts of the body may cause issues with the spine itself. Things like posture alignment and position in a chair can have lasting impacts on the functionality of the spine. Pain in your ribs caused by bad posture can and usually will present as low back pain. 

How Should Back Pain Be Treated?

Once it is identified that a patient has some sort of back pain or potential issue with their spine, they must consider how to properly treat it so it does not adversely affect their day-to-day life. In many cases it may only take minor intervention from a specialist to improve the patient’s condition. However, in more serious cases, a patient may need a more advanced solution like surgery. In cases where a patient is just trying to obtain a diagnosis of what the issue may be, a search can be performed using the Internet or word-of-mouth recommendations for spine and orthopedic specialists in Atlanta.


In some cases a diagnosis may have already been given and it has been determined that surgery is needed to correct the issue. What is truly important is getting the correct diagnosis the first time. Keeping that in mind, it is very important for patients who are looking for spine and orthopedic specialists in Atlanta to consider all factors when making their selection of a physician for evaluation and treatment.