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Different Topics You Can Write Your Thesis In Field Of Mass Media And Journalism

To score well in your thesis, it is important to come with the one that relevant to the present society and enriches the knowledge of people. Mass media and journalism is a generalized topic that addresses various continuing practices in the area of journalism. If you are supposed to write on this subject, then we have gathered a few topics to make an informative thesis in this field. 

What is needed to write informative thesis on studying journalism or media sciences?

If you are a student of mass media and journalism, then you have a distinct way of looking at things. It is not always analyzing and innovating things. It can be a little difficult to bring up ideas for the dissertation. By being advised, you can easily get a good topic for your dissertation.

Writing about this field required you to put things into words effectively, and learn the right ways to communicate the information with others. By performing a qualitative research on these topics will help you find a lot of interesting material.

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List of topics to make a compelling thesis on journalism or media sciences

  • How are women journalists treated and represented in the field of media?
  • What is the impact created by recession on the developed nations?
  • What is the global impact created by Anti-Islam movements in the US?
  • To what extent can journalism change the image of global superpowers?
  • What are globalization and its role on media and economy?
  • What is the existence of newspaper without advertisements?
  • How does nightlife impact the youth in developing and developed countries?
  • How has Bollywood changed cultural economy of the country?
  • Which is bigger - Hollywood or Bollywood?
  • How much worldwide market is captured by Indian production houses?
  • What is that which makes UK and USA the key business hub of the Indian cinema?
  • What are the different norms of United Kingdom visa and its influence on the economy of the country?
  • What can be possible strategies and plans to tackle massive monetary loss and survive recession?
  • What is the political impact of Italian roots in the future of India?
  • Are Corruption and politics synonymous of each other?


Writing a thesis in mass media and journalism requires a thoughtful process. Above topics will be the best ones to write and present an informative thesis. Assistance of an expert dissertation writing service will definitely assist you with the most impressive ones.