The Pitches

Common Turf Diseases and How to Address Them

There are numerous diseases and pests that can invade your lawn, so it's important to know the signs of disease or bugs so that you can get necessary lawn care services in Atlanta as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment is vital in preventing the spread of disease and saving your lawn. Here are some of the common problems you should watch for.

Brown Patch

Brown patch is a disease that typically occurs during the hot, humid summer temperatures. The fungus needs wet weather, and when these conditions all exist the disease makes circular spots in the yard that can grow up to several feet across. They start out a purple-green color and then change to brown. The patches themselves look like they're sinking into the ground. Fortunately, treating this disease can easily be down by lawn service in Atlanta using fungicides that can also help control other diseases as well.

Large Patch

Large patch is similar to brown patch, but these two diseases typically occur in different types of grass. Large patch also has different symptoms that occur in the spring or autumn. These patches start out as small baseball-sized patches that can grow very large. The edges of the patch tend to be off-colored while the center of the patch may be unaffected or it may recover more quickly, creating a doughnut-shaped pattern. This disease can also be easily treated by applying fungicide in the fall or in the spring at the first sign of symptoms.

Summer Patch

Summer patch is similar to brown patch, however, it occurs when the soil is very dry from drought in humid, hot conditions. You'll notice crescent patches that turn reddish brown and then light tan. The roots of the grass can actually rot, so if you suspect this fungus you should seek treatment right away.

Pythium Blight

Another fungal disease common in turf is pythium blight. This fungus can attack any type of lawn, but seedlings are especially susceptible. This disease typically occurs when the turf drains poorly or when it's extremely hot and humid and the turf leaves are unable to dry out. The symptoms include circular areas that are one to three inches across with a gray color. The patches can grow to a foot across and as the disease progresses the grass will shrivel. Fortunately, lawn care services in Atlanta can treat this successfully with fungicides.