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Prime Reasons Behind Individuals Biting Nails and The Preventive Methods

Many individuals bite their nails for various reasons. There are chronic nail biters damaging their nails and fingers to make it look unappealing. Sometimes continuous biting leads to permanent damage of the nails and finally they stop growing.

Mostly nail biting is done by kids, if not stopped it becomes a habit that continues to adulthood. There are various causes leading to nail biting. However, it can be easily stopped to make the nails grow strong and beautiful.

Here are few causes leading to nail biting:

  • Not stopped when you were kid - Kids often do it just for fun. If elders don’t advise them stop, it continues to become a habit.
  • Genes - It has been observed that if parents have the habit of biting nails then their kids are likely to bite nails too. Even if parents have stopped doing the act, children may acquire the habit.
  • Stress - People are unaware they are biting nails when they are overstressed.  Unconsciously they do as it helps to cope with the mental tension and anxiousness.

Why the need to stop nail biting?

  • The tissues get damaged - Thus, the nail growth isn’t proper and you have unshaped looking nails.
  • Can be subjected to infection - While biting nails sometimes the unclean cubicle having bacteria gets bitten. They easily get accumulated under the nails, thus causing diseases.
  • It spoils the beautiful look of your hands - If nails remain unshaped and less shiny, the fingers lose its sleek look.
  • While you are biting people feel annoyed as it is stated to be unhealthy behaviour.
  • Sometimes the nails just die and may not grow again.
  • Fortunately, there are ways to stop biting nails and even prevent kids from biting it. Among them the most appropriate and safe method is to use anti-bite serums available on various websites. 

Here are few other effective methods to stop nail biting:

  • One of the easiest methods is to cut the nails quite short, thus there won’t be anything to bite. Eventually the habit stops and after few months you can grow shapely nails again.
  • Apply a bad tasting liquid over the nails - Whenever you taste bitter or bad tasting liquid the need to bite nails wear off. There are organic serums available in the chemist shop which aren’t harmful to health at all. Thus, it can be coated on your kids fingers too. Even special nail polishes are available which will make your mouth taste bitter.
  • Wearing gloves all the time surely helps in keeping your nails safe from your bites. If it is a hindrance to your work, you can use stickers to stick on the nails that won’t be favourable for you to bite.

Before you buy anti nail-biting polish to be coated on your hands or on kid’s hands make sure that it is of good quality. You can read the reviews of its users from the marketing company websites. Consider the brand that gives preference to make superior quality health care products. By following these ideas, you can be sure to get rid of the nail bite habit soon.