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Ten Reasons Why People Prefer to Use A Chronograph

A chronograph performs few specific types of functions which is designed to time certain event. You can call it a combination of stopwatch and a watch into one instrument.

We hope you are aware about what is a chronograph. It can be used for measuring heart rate, speed and even any two events simultaneously besides telling time.

  • You will appreciate the perfect combination of style and mechanics

Don’t just consider chronograph merely for its mechanical function. It is whole watch genre which is perceived for its special aesthetics. It is true that few other functions of watch can integrate its design to mechanics as convincingly as this chronograph.

Chronograph will showcase an exclusive style language and also one really special to talk about it can be that it is too common in terms of its usability.

Most of the chronographs work exactly the same way, making its operating mode pretty self-explanatory.

  • You don’t look it as a complicated watch that cost you multiple monthly salaries

People often tend to forget how complex a chronograph can be as chronographs are mostly quite common. It is comparable with a perpetual calendar in terms of the complexity.

The chronograph module can make its own mechanical entity, next to an actual watch, and one may argue that chronographs can basically be 2-watches in 1. It will be fair to consider that hardly any kind of other watch will offer as much mechanics just for the price.

One of the major reasons for this significant price difference can be the significantly higher number of productions. Since they are produced in very high numbers, they offer better value for your money which is unmatched by any other mechanical complications.

  • Some of you will admire this effortless regime of race drivers during the old days

Many famous personalities can be named who shared their appetite for high-end chronographs. Few models are nicknamed after them e.g. version of “Jochen Rindt” as the Heuer Autavia or Rolex Daytona as “Paul Newman”.

Heuer Monaco was used by Steve McQueen in the movie called LeMans, but he preferred to wear Hanhart chronograph in his real life.

Whether you are an accountant, a barber or a taxi driver, when you wear an iconic chronograph, it will make you feel like a daredevil race driver.

  • For you, watch can be the ultimate toy of man

There can be no other function that represents a man toy like the chronograph. The medium steak will be fried for 130 seconds from each side and the breakfast tea will steep exactly for 90 seconds. You can keep track of all these easily with this simple gadget.

  • You were always a true competitor deep within yourself

Most of you are true sportsmen in spirit, and will always like to win. In case, you are betting and battling among friends and perhaps you may accept any challenge which might be quite foolish enough, then in most cases the chronograph can help you to determine whether you are a winner or a loser.

  • You may like to customize as per your needs the functions of your watch

Some other complications can be as versatile as your chronograph. Your chronograph will not only measure the time, few models can determine the average speed or your pulse, tell you distance to a possible thunderstorm or can calculate currencies.

A chronograph can do most customizable function that any watch can do by selecting the functionality which fits your needs.

  • Simplicity of a 3-handed watch can be a little underwhelming at times, for your taste

You maybe really fascinated because of dials which have more to offer as compared to 3-hand-and-12-index scheme of any typical dress watch.

Your chronographs may offer distinct aesthetics as a whole, however every chronograph can have its own language style with a relatively larger variety of dial elements which come into play.

Even after using for years daily, you might still discover a new detail that you had never paid attention before. Also, about chronographs there can be another interesting thing when there will be more fonts and scales, indexes this will make it harder to copy them.

  • You may like to let your watch to speak for itself when it comes to the authenticity of the watch

Some more good thing to know about chronographs - as there are too many details which means there can be more things which may be done wrongly by counterfeiters.

It will be difficult to copy chronographs in comparison with most other watches, when there will be more fonts, indexes and scales etc.

If you pay more attention to detail you can find more ways to differentiate wrong dials from the original ones in chronograph than the other watches.

All these different scales, registers, dial fonts and sub-dial hands will be particularly very hard to imitate. This will offer more ways of distinguishing between right from the wrong, fake or any real deal.

Same thing will apply for the movement as chronograph calibres are very complicated and any fake watches may not even employ the real chronograph movement that makes it much easier to spot a fake watch because the chronograph function may not work.

  • For you, your watches must offer a holistic experience

Besides design and functionality there is much more to it, when it is about chronographs.

You may simply admire as watch lover the crisp sound or the subtle click which may translate into your index finger while pushing on any of the buttons of chronograph.

This holistic experience will make you appreciate every bit of mechanical craft which is your chronograph. Just see it, feel it and hear it.

  • You will prefer watches which are just as attractive from inside as they can be from outside

Chronographs can showcase few most beautiful movements that mechanical watches can offer. As compared to majority of 3-handed watches, or few complicated ones too like more classy calendars, in chronograph there is much more to see.