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Why Should You Add Awning in Your Home?

Awnings can work almost like an original air conditioner, as it will be able to keep you cooler both outside and also inside.

You can find number of companies selling custom retractable awnings which are fabricated with quality fabric and components, at prices that you can easily afford. Nice way to treat your family as well as home to sun whenever you want it and again shade as you need it.

Following are few good reasons to add Have markiser (English meaning is awnings) in your home.

  1. Your family can get protection from rain and sun

By installing retractable awning just over your patio or deck will provide you valuable shade, and also protect you and also your family from almost 98% of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Reducing direct sunlight by using an awning may decrease temperature of your patio or deck almost by 20°F, thus protecting health of your family and also enhancing your outdoor enjoyment. Your pets too will love this shade.

  • You can block harmful UV rays to come indoors

Any custom retractable awning can block the heat of the sun and also harmful UV rays which they enter into your house, thus cooling your home much more efficiently than any blinds or drapes.

Window awning also can reduce glare on your TV and computer screens, prevent fading of your drapes, carpets, furnishings, flooring and many other indoor as well as outdoor decor.

  • Reduction of your energy costs

Any strategically installed awning can help you to save money and also reduce the carbon footprint. It is often called as original air conditioner and window awning may lower the energy costs by almost 25%.

During winter, try to close the retractable awning for letting the sun in. You may benefit from extra light and warmth that the sun provides.

  • Low maintenance and also easy care

Awnings that are available in the market are engineered to provide the combination of highest design and performance level. Made out of 100% acrylic fabrics, these awnings are also mildew resistant and water repellent.

You can get them in a range of decorative patterns and colours, the retractable awning will always remain bright and beautiful.

In order to do easy day-to-day maintenance, you may do the following:

  • Brush off all loose dirt.
  • Spray a water and soap solution.
  • Use soft bristle brush for cleaning.
  • Allow cleaning solution in getting soaked into the fabric.
  • Try to rinse thoroughly till all soap residue will be removed.
  • Air dry.

  • Enhance your home as well as lifestyle

Are you thinking about including an outdoor space or kitchen in your home? Such retractable awning can be the ideal way of expanding the seasonal living space.

It can add value too, for your home by not doing any inconvenient and costly renovations.

There are number of companies who can offer you and can also work with you based on your location, fabric, style and colours which suit you best.

The awning will totally be custom designed, fabricated as per your need.