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Break the Stereotypes about Sales by Gamifying

The sales industry is facing a sea change. With a new generation of employees looking for stability and fulfillment as opposed to outright earning potential, it can be a challenge to recruit and attract talent to your salesforce. Simply dangling carrots and sticks in front of employees is no longer enough to motivate employees, especially over the long term. Workers today strive for clear goals and constant learning opportunities so that they may grow alongside their employer, leading to a fruitful partnership for both parties. If your business wants to keep with the trends and develop a strong workforce, realizing the benefits of gamification of salesforce can play a major role.

Bring All Personalities on Board

For years, sales offices have been populated by stubborn sharks with strong competitive streaks, leading to a stigma that keeps others from considering sales careers. While these qualities have their place in sales, not all potential customers will respond to those personalities, leaving a hole in the market for other personality types. With gamification, performance and goal systems can be based off the personalities and goals of each employee, as opposed to a one size fits all approach, improving the motivation and morale of all workers.

Growth and Learning Opportunities

Industries change all the time, and failing to keep up with the trends can be a recipe for disaster for employees and businesses. As such, continued education opportunities within your business can be a key component of retaining and growing your talent, while simultaneously deepening the relationship with the employee. Few employees are in it for just a paycheck nowadays, making it critical to keep engagement high. Gamification allows for just that, by keeping employees engaged and motivated to keep learning and growing.

Baked in Motivation

The prospect of a promotion or a bonus can cause an employee to work harder in the short term, but can often lead to motivation and productivity cratering down the road. With that in mind, offering employees intrinsic motivators can help rectify that problem. Gamification does this by tapping in to the core personalities of each employee and tailoring goals to the employees desire, whether they be knowledge, achievement or competition.

For many in sales, the industry looks vastly different to what it was like when they started. However, by adapting to the changes and catering to employee’s needs, gamification of salesforce can improve your business culture and productivity for years to come.