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Walk-In Bathtubs Keep You Safe in Your Own Home

As you age your body begins to protest. One of the first changes most people experience is a decrease in mobility, specifically joint-related range-of-motion. This makes it harder to get in-and-out of cars, walk up-and-down stairs, and becomes a safety issue as you attempt to get in-and-out of your bathtub.

Whether you’re remodeling your home in anticipation of your older years or currently struggling to access your tub and shower, install a Pat Boone walk-in bathtub and you’ll never need to worry again.


Falling in the bathroom is one of the primary causes of advanced-age injuries, including broken bones and joints. Often, it doesn’t matter if the floor is wet or not. Lack of balance is cited as a major contributor to senior bathroom falls. 

Don’t wait until you experience your first bathroom “scare”. Protecting yourself from unnecessary trauma, surgery and a long recovery is easy when you choose a Pat Boone walk-in shower. 


The Pat Boone walk-in bathtub is extremely easy to access. If you can walk through a traditional door frame, you can get into the tub. It features a swinging entrance door and a minimal entryway. You only need to be able to lift your leg four-inches to get into the bathtub without assistance.  

Each shower/tub combo features expertly placed grab bars for additional balance control when getting in, and then exiting the unit.


Most seniors are opting to stay in their own homes as they age. The sense of familiarity in your surroundings is comforting, yet it’s important you think about safety while preserving your independence. 

A Pat Boone walk-in shower allows you to feel safe, independent, and retain your dignity. These three in-combination have been proven to keep you healthier and active for much longer than those who turn their daily care over to others.


These units are crafted in the U.S.A. They’re extremely durable and each purchase includes installation to ensure they’re properly fitted. Moreover, in the rare event of a malfunction, your walk-in tub/shower is guaranteed for life.

Age gracefully on your terms. Stay active and healthy as long as your body will allow when you protect yourself from unnecessary risks in the bathroom. 

When you install a Pat Boone walk-in bathtub in your bathroom, the result is a safe bathing environment paired with continued independence and maintaining your dignity.