As Usual Business Things

Shop Local but Shop Global too

Nowadays, I see shop local with this note on different platforms. I personally support entrepreneurs and help them in a way that I can. For example, placing ads on digital area to promote them with low-cost or online payment integration without taking any security risk and so on. Therefore, local business people are very important for me. However, it does not mean that when you do shopping from a global company, money directly goes to CEO. It is completely false. Actually, it goes through a process. 

Let me explain that process. When payment is done, it goes to income statement of the company. From there, it goes to different departments to finance expense. It funds daily operations so employees get their salary at the end of the month. If manufacturing is outsourced, it also goes to those people work in manufacture. That money goes everywhere including people who are in need of something within Corporate Social Responsibility projects. As a marketing person, I can say that it goes to marketing such as market research & customer relationship management & promotions and so on. As a result; increasing brand awareness, sales, employer branding meaning employees who work at the company feel that they are very special to be a part of the company is expected. Also, it goes to budget of the company, if there is any planned investment, it goes there, too. 

To sum up, until it comes to CEO, you are helping and financing many people. It is not wrong, CEOs also receive that money, too. They receive it in two different ways, they are their salary and their shares in the company, so, they earn so much money that many people think they finance CEOs. It is because employees are not shown in media but CEOs are shown. Therefore, many people believe this unbelievable story.

If you approach from this side, do shop local to help a parent to put bread on the table for their children but do shop global as well. Actually, the business model of the future seems integrating local into global. Whenever companies apply this model, there is no reason to be unsuccessful.