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7 Best Recipe Apps for Android 

Home cooking is not only a great way for you to remain healthy, but it also helps you save some cash. However, cooking at home is not always easy; unless you possess some basic skills that can help you throw something together.

Checking out cooking recipes is a great solution for those who want to prepare a great meal, though having a laptop in your kitchen is not only bulky but also very annoying.

Therefore, you should consider downloading the following recipe apps. With these apps installed on your phone, you can scroll down the list of ingredients, and check out the cooking directions, as well as measurements.

Some of the recipe apps come with photos and videos, which allows you to follow along. The apps are great for all skill levels, and for people who like great food.

1. Big Oven

It can be equated to having your own personal assistant in the kitchen. It comes with over 350,000 recipes, with new recipes being posted on the main page each day. With this app, you can scroll through the available copies, download daily meal plans, as well as obtain grocery lists.

You can search by category, dietary restrictions, time of day, or time of year. The leftovers section is considered the most useful section in this recipe app. It tells you how you can use the remaining food.

2. My Great Recipes

Another great recipe apps for android phones and tablets. It comes with more than 100,000 recipes and allows you to search, save, and share all your favorite recipes. Additionally, you can also create your own recipes, and share them with your friends and family.

With My Great Recipes, you have access to the best and most delicious foods (burgers, vegetables, seafood, snacks, & starters and awesome collection with easy pancake recipes) and recipes in America right at your fingertips.

3. Epicurious

The app pulls recipes from across the World Wide Web and then compiles all these recipes in a single place. Here, you can find meals ranging from Gourmet to Bon Appétit.

You can search for recipes by using categories that include dish types, occasion, main ingredient, and even kid friendly. To ensure that you will not undercook or overcook the food the app comes with a smart timer, which you can use to know when the food is ready.

4. Food Network in the Kitchen

Before the emergence of Smartphone’s and apps, Food Network was the go-to place for all matters related to cooking. Now, you have the chance to prepare your favorite food with top chef’s right from the comfort of your kitchen.

It makes it possible to search by chef, type of meal, and cuisine. If you are a starting cook, check out the user reviews to determine whether you will feel comfortable preparing the food.

5. Pepper plate

Pepper plate is an app designed for people who already have their own recipes, and are looking for a place to store the cooking recipes. The fact that this app does not host its own cooking recipes means that it is more customizable.

You can upload your unique recipes or pull them from other sources around the web. It also makes it possible to synchronize with your computer, which means that you have access to the recipes at all times.

6. Garden Plate

Even though the app is primarily directed at vegetarians, any person can use this app to find recipes that are both great and healthy for them. You can add meat to the available recipes, or eat them as they are as a way of getting more veggie servings.

The recipes provide instructions on whether they are raw, gluten-free, or vegan. The app comes free of charge, but for you to access all the recipes available, you will need to acquire the premium version.

7. All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Just as its name suggests, the app provides recipes for each possible genre from across the world. The app, which has been around for years now, comes with recipes featuring a full description, reviews, ingredients list, pictures, and directions.

The app allows you to save recipes from the web, and pull them up on your phone or tablet, making it possible to track your shopping list while at the store.