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Healthy Living Pioneer Launches 21-Day Program to Help Women Love Their Bodies Again

Healthy Living Pioneer Launches 21-Day Program to Help Women Love Their Bodies Again

Certified Health Coach and J.I.V.E. Juice Owner, Tamala Austin, Adds ‘Author’ to Her Resume with the Debut of Her First Book

HOUSTON, Texas – Tamala Austin, a Houston-based certified health coach and the owner of J.I.V.E. Juice Company, is issuing a challenge to women everywhere who want to learn to love their bodies again. Her new book, “Love My Body Again: 21 Days of Meditation to Live Your Best Healthy Life Now” offers a holistic and innovative approach to helping women learn to put themselves first, stretch the canvas of their lives and paint a brighter, healthier and more fulfilling picture.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 80 percent of U.S. women are unhappy with the way they look. Motivated by this statistic, Austin is committed to equipping women with the tools and resources they need to banish the body blues and shed the feelings of guilt and shame and negative body consciousness many of them experience when they look at themselves in the mirror.

“Women wear so many hats as wives, mothers and career women, and become so busy and overwhelmed with life that they forget to take care of themselves,” said Austin. “This book is a reminder to women that they deserve the same love, attention and nurturing that they give to so many others. It’s also a call to action for women to begin the journey towards perfect health and to live their best healthy lives now.”

In her book, Austin guides women through a wellness-focused meditation challenge, helping them to explore ways to take control of the mind, body and soul in order to experience better health. Austin emphasizes the importance of taking small yet powerful steps to improve exercise habits, attitudes, nutritional behaviors, and one’s overall lifestyle.

Austin’s book is deeply rooted in her own personal experiences and her own journey to a healthier, more enriched life. After struggling with weight and health issues, she was able to hit the reset button and now is sharing with women the lessons she’s learned along the way.

When Austin decided to transition to a healthier lifestyle, she began creating fresh fruit drinks for herself. She soon saw dramatic improvements in her physique, skin and attitude. Observing these changes, her friends, family and community members were eager to learn her secret. She began preparing her drinks for others, and eventually J.I.V.E. Juice Company was born. As the company’s owner, and a certified health coach, Austin is on a mission to help members of the Houston community and surrounding areas live and lead healthier lives. Her new book is helping her to carry out her mission, and reach not just women in Texas, but around the world.

“I am passionate about reaching women who are in need of encouragement and easy-to-implement strategies in order to reclaim their health,” said Austin. “I want to reinforce that being healthy is about a lifestyle, not a size, and I want women everywhere to experience greater peace, insight and clarity, more energy, better sleep and embrace the possibilities of new beginnings and transformation.”

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