5 Paradoxes Can not Be Overwhelmed When Learning English in Vietnamese

1. Advanced study before elementary school.

From childhood to learn English, everyone is taught reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary learning. These are all skills at an advanced level. It is difficult to get wisdom. Build a house built from the roof? So after ten years to learn who anyone like, can not say the standard sentence is the simplest English. Just a simple word that can not be simpler like the word "hello" we also say wrong. Then after ten years with English on the school we went back to school EDUCATION from pronunciation, hearing, communication and then gradually advancing.

2. Always assume that learning new foreigners is best.

Foreign culture seems ingrained in every thought, every corner, every aspect of life. And it is no surprise that this culture also influences the English learning movement. I assert that good teacher West, but not the best. It is best to be FIT. Many foreign teachers who speak English do not know what to teach. Vietnamese teachers are very good. Not only are they good at speaking English as they are in the West, they are also good at teaching methods, communicative skills, and the ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of students as they walk on their own. The way their students go. So I assert once again: Western is not the best, BEST is FITNESS.

3. Search, study methodology but not applicable

I know a lot of people know about dozens of learning methods and routes. From vocabulary to writing, from effortless to icrazy, from dictionary to vocabulary to English ... From film to learn through song, from simple learning to advanced learning. But never applied any method more than 3 days and always fell ineffective methodology. Not the methodology is not effective, but because you are not persistent enough with any method. Which method is effective if you apply persistence enough.

4. See who share the document also down but nothing to do.

There are a lot of people down the heap of documents and ... nothing to do. Very wasteful and time consuming as well as expensive hard drive for storage. Study materials do not need much, if learn to hear say you only need to up youtube has a huge store to learn.

5. Calculate the time of year, but not a dozen hours a year

We can calculate the duration of learning English 10 years, 20 years. The question is: how long have you been learning that why not communicate? While you only need 10,000 hours of investment in any field, will you become a super specialist in that field? And in English, just about 1000 hours, you will communicate just like native speakers. That's because you count the time in years rather than hours. If a year you learned a dozen times, every few hours it really does not penetrate.

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