Which shape is your longboard riding style?

There are so many styles of riding. Which one to choose depends on how exactly you ride your longboard. Fortunately, exist many shapes for each style.

Shaping boards is a favorite kind of activity for lots of people, so every week it seems new shapes are added. Among the large variety of different shapes, you will definitely find the one you really like. Nowadays, many crazy and weird shaped are available on the market, from rectangles and triangles to Superman logos and so on.

The basic shapes are:

• pintail,

• cruiser,

• drop down,

• drop through,

• top mount.

Almost every skateboard is symmetrical. They are good for freestyle or freeride cause you can easily do 180° slides. For downhill and cruising people usually use directional boards.

When you decide which shape to use, personal preference is a huge factor. I would recommend you to try different types before purchasing to see the pros and cons of each shape.

Experience is also important when you pick a skateboard. A drop down longboards are more stable due to the lower point of gravity, so this is the best option for beginners.