U.S. Population Health Management: Transforming Healthacre with Technology

U.S. Population Health Management: Transforming Healthacre with Technology

Population Health Management (PHM) solutions are in high demand during epidemics and outbreaks as preventive and control measures for large population groups in the country. PHM platforms provide remote health management offerings such as personal emergency response systems (PERS), medication dispensers, and telemonitoring solutions. These become important components to deal with sudden pressures on health systems to provide medical assistance. These solutions would facilitate this health care provision to huge population groups simultaneously during epidemic and aid in managing operational cost of hospitals and health care organizations. Moreover, various pharmaceutical companies deploy PHM tools to ensure and store clinical trial data illustrating progress of a new or potential drug for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments. Therefore, the PHM solutions market is anticipated to witness a steep rise in the U.S during the forecast period.

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The need for heavy investment to develop the appropriate infrastructure is, however, restricting the growth of this market significantly. The implementation of these solutions also needs the deployment of skilled professionals, which sets an additional burden on end users. This factor is also limiting the demand for population health management solutions across the U.S., notes the research study.

The market study analyzes the U.S. population health management solutions on three fronts: source, mode of application, and end use. Software and service are the two main sources of population health management solutions in the U.S., says the report. Analysts expect the service segment to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period in this market.

By the mode of application, the research report segments the market into premise-based population health management solutions, cloud-based population health management solutions, and web-based population health management solutions. The cloud-based population health management solutions segment is projected to exhibit the fastest growth among all the segments based on the mode of application over the forecast period.

Pharmaceuticals companies, healthcare providers, private insurance providers, government insurance providers, medical device organizations, research institutes, and diagnostic and imaging centers are the major end users of population health management solutions in the U.S., states the research study.

Key players operating in the population health management solutions market in the U.S. are Caradigm, Conifer Health Solutions, Health Catalyst, Healthagen, LLC, International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Lumeris, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, OptumHealth, Inc., Persivia, Premier, Inc., The Advisory Board Company, Verisk Health, Wellcentive, Inc., and ZeOmega, Inc. These key market players are actively engaged in constant innovations and development related to health care technology and service management to maintain their positions in the market.

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