VPN that works in China

Are you aware that there are some websites that you can’t surf freely in China? Yes, not just one, but many sites are restricted in China, and one among them is your favorite, Facebook. If you are not a native of China and have many friends or activities on Facebook, then it is vital that you know this before moving to China. But there is good news; you don’t have to fear to visit China due to this, there are VPNs that work perfectly well in China. Let us look at some of the best.

Things to consider before buying a VPN for China

Given that there are many VPNs available that can work well in China, it is essential that you first understand the things to consider before buying.

The Chinese government is afraid of the impact that the internet can have on both the social as well as the political ideologies of China. This is the reason given by the government as a justification for the censorship. The government actively monitors how people communicate to others, and most especially through the internet.

Even though VPNs help to bypass the government tricks, there are those VPNs whose developers have installed unique bypassing technologies. It is necessary to note that before you settle on any VPN, you check whether it can avoid the many censorships put in place by the government.


Having been nominated for an award at, there are many reasons to believe that VyPrVPN is the best VPN for those who want to surf anonymously in China. Random surveys have shown that this VPN is among the fastest and most reliable among VPNs. As a China resident, you must be part of the vast population of individuals disturbed by the GFW setup by the government. This VPN is built with Chameleon technology, which is trusted to defeat the GFW.


Looking for an award-winning VPN to use in China? Look no further. The ExpressVPN has won an award on, and thus it can be trusted when it comes to anonymous surfing. This VPN is not just user-friendly, but also provide total anonymity as you surf through the sites that are theoretically banned in China such as Facebook, Twitter among many others.

With the ExpressVPN, you are sure of getting 24/7 live support, 30-day no question money back guarantee and other things. To defeat the GFW, this VPN is built on stealth servers in Hongkong, and it ensures that government spies are not able to monitor your surfing activities.


This is another award winner VPN. Based in Sweden, this VPN is an excellent choice for surfing in China. The popularity of this VPN has gone up drastically, thanks to the award of “Best value VPN” in 2018. On top of the excellent surfing experience, while hiding behind a different IP, you also get a chance to use the over 54 locations, constant customer support, and reasonable price among many other things.

Below is a list of other trusted top VPNs that should work well in China:

•   BolehVPN

•   AirVPN

•   PureVPN

•   NordVPN

One thing to note is all these VPNs are affordable and have excellent customer support.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that getting a VPN in China should not be a permit to engage in criminal activities. You need to use it responsibly.