Tower Deli, Your Trusted Catering Company

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – If you have a big corporate event coming up, then you will need to find reliable catering in Fort Lauderdale who can help make a good impression. The catering service you choose can have a big effect on making a successful event. With so many catering companies available in the area, you have to look for the best one who can satisfy your needs, your taste, and your budget.

It is important to find a catering service who has corporate sale representatives. That way, you can talk to them in order to handle all of your needs. Having a good relationship with them means they can get to know what you like, dislike, any health concerns, and dietary restrictions, among others. By keeping good communication with that person, they will be able to work with you and plan your event by bringing it to a consistent level.

Tower Deli Catering and Diner is a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale who loves to eat great food, which is why they provide with nothing than great food to their customers. They believe that their culinary success comes from serving fresh food that is created with superior quality ingredients to make each and every meal memorable. Their customer’s will always be their first priority and they pride themselves in delivering an excellent experience each time they come in. They are dedicated in sharing the best of what they can prepare in order to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Aside from sitting down and dining, they are also your ideal one-stop solution to all of your catering needs. They specialize in your corporate events — Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and any other occasion. If you host any kind of event, you are guaranteed high quality services at competitive prices. From pastas to sandwiches to wraps to desserts, they have it all. You can browse through their menu and let them know what kind of food you wish to serve. They have plenty of options that are available for you.

For over 20 years, they have provided the highest quality, most reliable, and professional catering throughout the State of Florida. They are also one of the largest catering providers in the state and they offer their customers a wide range of services. No matter how much their company continues to expand, they will never let their size distract them from their dedication in completing their customers’ needs.

Tower Deli Catering and Diner brings out a variety of platters on a daily, not because they have to but because they want to deliver a wide array of the best tasting dishes. They also want to serve only the healthiest choices for their menu, so you have the unconditional guarantee of great tasting, wholesome food. They prepare all of their meals with ingredients that are hand-picked on a daily and cooked to perfection that are naturally for the best taste and nutrition.

They also provide Shiva meals and Shiva catering. This is especially for family, friends, and the greater community in Judaism who take on the responsibility of comforting and providing those who are mourning a death. During the shiva, mourners are supposed to stay away from doing the most basic functions of the everyday life including cooking and preparing their meals. It is important for those around them to give them emotional and physical support, and Tower Deli can provide these needs.

Tower Deli Catering and Diner first opened in 1998 and started off as a small-scale deli and catering service. Over the years, they have learned and grown so much bigger and stronger. With all of their experience and remarkable management of owners Alan Goldstein and Bennet Wajsblat, they have definitely made their mark in the food and catering industry.

So if you are looking for a good restaurant in Fort Lauderdale to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best tasting dishes, then stop by at Tower Deli Catering and Diner. They guarantee their customers a memorable experience and will leave you wanting to come back for more. Or, if you are looking for premier catering services for your corporate event, meeting, birthday, fundraiser, holiday, or any other occasion, let them take away your stress and let them deliver the best out there. You may browse their website at or call them up at 954-452-8202.