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Online companies which are profitable and bootstrapped from scratch

Bootstrapping is basically a situation where company survives on own. The directors of the company chose to run their business from personal finance. They don’t approach investors for any financial help. Looking at the market conditions and fierce competition it is pretty hard to believe if such businesses really exist?

Surprisingly there are few names who are not only doing business however also picking year on year growth. Below are few of them:

  • Zoho: It is CRM (Client Resource Management) software company founded by Sridhar Vembu. It is a world renowned brand with over $100 million revenue. Zoho is catering to over 9 million consumers globally. Zoho additionally offers 25 business applications for various requirements.
  • Quick Heal Antivirus: Founded by Kailash Katar is a software company for protecting personal computers. This antivirus has been customized for various business needs.The company was co-founded in Pune by Kailash and his brother. Today they stand as proud owners of the company.
  • Transtutors: Founded and co-founded by Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha in 2007 is an edtech company for college students. The company has crowd sourced over 10 million Q&A from various sources. The organization deals with assignments subscription sale for students. The company has registered over 20k freelance tutors on their website.
  • Wooqer: It is a mobile and web application which helps in sharing files among the organization. The company has over 100 thousand registered users and is serving more than 100 users.
  • Carbonmade: The company came as a personal project. It was founded by Dave Gorum along with his friend Jason Nelson. This tool allows you to create personal portfolios. Today the company has registered over 500,000 members. The company is completely bootstrapped and doing good business in market.
  • GitHub: This company is the home to software developers. They offer web hosting service for personal software projects. An offer was raised by Microsoft in 2008 for $300,000. Tom Preston-Werner the founder of the company turned down the offer and today the company has more than 4 million registered users.
  • Clicky: A company managed by 2 people. This is a traffic intelligence software company providing real time traffic details to the companies, The company has over 15,000 paying consumers.
  • MailChimp: It is email marketing software company. It allows businesses to create beautiful templated emails for consumers. The software has over a million paying registered consumers The clients of the companies are expanded in more than 158 countries exchanging more than 2 billion emails per month. Huge, isn’t it. Who says bootstrapped companies cannot grow in market?
  • Envato: This website is an e-commerce selling platform for creative artists. They can sell creative products online and make money via sales. The company offers a cross platform between buyers and sellers. Right within 2 years of launch, the company raised sales of over $500,000 in gross.