Get real time train updates without internet with Railgadi app

One of the biggest challenges that people face while travelling by train is poor internet connection while the train is on the run. As the trains run through fields which do not fall under the coverage areas of the mobile towers, internet connectivity is either not available or even if it is available, the speed is too slow. In such a situation, if a travelling passenger wants to check about the real time running status of the train, he would not be able to because most apps are internet dependant to serve the users.

Railgadi app does not need internet

This is where the services of Railgadi app are beneficial. The app does not need an internet connection to give vital real time information like the live location of the train or the list of all stations around the area (within a range of 200 km) where the train is passing through. This is made possible by the app as these are GPS based features and do not need internet for operation.

Apart from the couple of information that are mentioned above, there are many other things that the app does without using internet. All these features are extremely useful which makes the Railgadi app the best companion for the passengers who are travelling by train.

One can set station alarm

Not only this feature is one of its kinds but it does not require any internet connection as well. The station alarm feature allows the user to set a distance based alarm for a station where he wants to get down. As the set station would be approaching, the app would trigger the alarm and it would notify the user that his desired station is approaching. The user can set the distance from a range of 0 to 50 km. This means that if the user sets a distance of 5 km for a particular station, the alarm would be triggered by the app when the train is about 5 km away from that station.

The margin of error for this feature is just 2 km. The best thing is that the app does not need any internet connectivity to locate the position of the station to trigger the alarm. It uses the GPS feed and determines the location of the train.

One can check speed of the train

This is another unique feature of the app which operates without the use of the internet. This feature can be used by the user only when he is inside a moving train. The app would detect the speed of the train via GPS signals and display the same to the user. This is a cool feature that will help the user impress the co-passengers and have some fun in the otherwise boring train journey.

Track running status of live train

Whether the train is delayed and what is the next upcoming station are some of the common things that people want to know while they are travelling by train. With the app installed on an android mobile, the user can get the information easily even if the mobile does not have any internet connectivity.