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Benefits of a Vacation Rental Instead Of a Hotel

Every other year, a large number of people set aside a particular time of the year for vacation. This could mean vacation with the family, loved ones, and friends – or it could mean some alone time away from the busyness of a hectic work-life. Either way, when the period of vacation starts to draw close, it’s important to start getting set for it.

And getting set essentially involves making efforts to secure your accommodation, especially when you’re visiting your planned destination for the first time. Now, you have two options to explore; book a hotel room or rent a vacation home.

Renting a hotel comes with a lot of perks; there's the ready-made foods, room service, and amenities that you may not have even in your own home. However, these perks always come at exorbitant fees. You have a better option which is renting a vacation home.

Here’s why you should settle for vacation rentals instead of a hotel:

#1 Less Expensive

A vacation home offers a lot more value when compared to the cost of booking a hotel. Services that hotels provide like the room services and restaurants aren't always cheap. Vacation homes offer kitchens which give you the liberty to prepare your own meals and store some more foods. Heck, you can even seize the opportunity to try out new recipes if you’re vacationing with a group of people or your family.

Also, consider how much you’d be able to save for the rooms in a vacation home if you’re vacationing with your family.

#2 True Privacy

Vacation homes bring the feeling of “home away from home.” Unlike in a hotel, you won’t have to share the pool, the kitchen or theater room with other noisy guests when you rent a vacation home. Also, no more annoying knocks-knocks from housekeeping.

If you’re spending the time with your family, a vacation home lets you hang out, watch your favorite movie, and enjoy a delicious meal altogether under a roof. No doubt, this is a great way to have lovely memories that you can keep for long.

#3 Pet-Friendly

A vacation may be the best time to spend quality time with your little buddy – your pet. And unlike many hotels, vacation rental homes usually accept pets. Although vacation homes may ask you for additional fees but it’s always worth it when you consider the fun you’d derive from vacating with your puppy or kitten.

#4 More Amenities

Many vacation homes nowadays are offering lots of amenities you may never find in some hotels. What more, you always full access to these amenities and wouldn't have to share with anyone. A vacation home lets you have your own kitchen, pool, and spa, laundry room, game room, or even your own BBQ grill to spoil yourself for fun. It's an experience you really could never get from a hotel.

Vacation rentals have proven to be a beneficial option for people who like to vacation on a whole other level or and groups of people visiting a location together. They provide the comfort of a “home away from home.” They contribute to making your vacation even more enjoyable by offering all the conveniences that you have access to at your own home – and possibly more.