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FRP Stairnosing & Ladder for Building Safe Industrial Structure

FRP is a composite element which is made of polymer reinforced matrix and fiber. There are plenty of advantages of FRP that can provide strength to your industrial structure. For example, FRP provides heavy strength to your industrial block structure but it is lighter in weight, compare to the other material like steel, aluminum or wood.

FRP is a versatile component. Due to its flexibility, you can build any shape with FRP made materials. And FRP has the ability to provide the strength in any condition or weather. And you can grab this entire feature in a low pricing over steel or aluminum. So in the section below, I will discuss how using Stairnosing or Cable ladder can support you to build a safe industrial structure.

FRP Made Stairnosing: Nosing refers to the horizontal edge of a stair where foot traffic generally occurs frequently. Stairnosing can be made of aluminum, wood or vinyl. But in this section, I am going to discuss about the Stairnosing made of fibre reinforced plastic. A recent study made by The National Safety Council has stated that every year approximately one million accidents take place related to falls, trips, and slips from a staircase. So it has become really important to build Stairnosing with an anti-slipping product like FRP in commercial or industrial areas.

Fibreglass Cable ladder: Similar to Stairnosing, FRP made cable ladder are also a useful component for industrial or commercial use. This type of ladder is used to manage heavy cable installation. Due to the light weight of FRP, it becomes rally easy to handle Fibreglass Cable ladder. On the other hand, FRP provides similar strength like Wood or steel. So the positive ratio between the weight and strength of FRP is the main reason behind the incensement of FRP made cable ladder for industrial or commercial use. On the other hand, it is really easy to maintain FRP made product. You can use these cable ladders in any type of industry; let it be a chemical firm also.

Finishing Words:

So these are all the information that you need to know about the FRP made Stairnosing and fibreglass cable ladder. For building a safe staircase you can choose nosing of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, or even up to 300 mm. The width of the nosing is not related to the safety measures of your stair. It is FRP that makes the surface of your staircase anti-slipping. So this is all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.