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Trey Yates Law Helps Divorcing Couples Protect Retirement Benefits

Houston, Texas, September 24, 2016: Trey Yates Law just released a publication discussing divorce and its potential impact on divorcing couples. Marital assets, including retirement funds and benefits, can be community property or marital property. By educating clients on how divorce may impact retirement, divorcing couples are better equipped and prepared to protect retirement funds from losses due to divorce.

Trey Yates Law has a legal team that can help divorcees designate community and separate properties in accordance with the divorce laws in Texas. Legal staff helps couples compile the necessary documents to build their case for marital assets acquired before marriage. Their expertise is beneficial when considering marital assets, including retirement funds. By educating divorcing couples, Trey Yates Law hopes to equip them to better understand their assets and how they can be protected throughout the divorcing process.

In most instances, retirement funds that are in place before marriage can be exempt from divorce proceedings, unless it increased in value during the marriage. An attorney can discuss what each individual’s goals are going forward past divorce. They can not only help individuals achieve their post-divorce goals, but also protect their retirement plans.

Anyone interested in learning about how divorcing couples can protect their retirement savings can find out more by visiting the Trey Yates Law website or by calling 713-932-7177.

About Trey Yates Law: Trey Yates Law is a civil trial law practice that focuses on complex family issues, litigation for probate or guardianship and estate planning. The law firm has a large legal support staff and maintains a large network of experts. They strive to educate their clients so they can make the most informed decisions possible.

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