Trey Davis for Teton County Commissioner

Legislators Endorse Davis for Commissioner

Legislators Endorse Davis for Commissioner

(Jackson, WY) -- Teton County Commission candidate Trey Davis sought 10 endorsements from community leaders to help boost his campaign down the final stretch.Trey Davis is one of four candidates vying for one of two open seats to serve a four year term for the Teton County Commission on November 8th.

On October 17th, Davis announced all 10, which included State Senator Leland Christensen and Representative Ruth Ann Petroff.

“[Davis’] generosity to so many important organizations in the community, his business experience and his decisiveness will be positive contributions to the commission,” Petroff said.

Christensen also cited Davis’ community involvement and business experience as a major contributor to his endorsement.

“I’ve known Trey for many years and I’ve been impressed with his sense as a businessman, a family man and a member of this community,” Christensen said, “but I’m particularly interested with his work in the service industry, both as an employer and a member of the community.

“He comes in contact with a large cross section of the community and has strong connections within the state’s second-largest industry,” Christensen said.

Davis said Christensen was atop his list of potential supporters.

“He’s somebody I’ve looked up to for a while now, even before he ran for [state] office,” Davis said.

“He’s a straightforward, to-the-point kind of guy who wants what’s best for the community. He kind of reminds me of me and I’m very lucky to have his endorsement."

Along with the two state legislators, Davis received endorsements from County Commissioner Paul Vogelheim, former Jackson Mayor Mark Barron, former Commissioner Paul Perry and one of Davis’ opponents in the primary, Lisa daCosta.

From the business world, Davis was endorsed by John and Mary Turner of Triangle X, and Joe Rice of the Jackson Hole Blue Collar Restaurant Group.

However, among the 10 endorsements, Davis said one of the most important came from local barber Mike Randall.

Randall moonlights as a precinct leader for the Teton County Democratic Party.

“That’s big for me,” Davis said. “He usually doesn’t endorse candidates, especially Republicans. He told me, ‘I may get in trouble for this, but I think you’re the best person for the job.'"

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