Travel Partner – Finding Lewis For The Clark

There are people who prefer to travel alone, but for some trips, the travel partner is almost a must. I knew that trying to complete a 225 km trek in the Northern Territory of Australia known as Larapinta Trail should not be done alone. I have always loved the stories about great explorers. This time, I have decided to be one of them. But I knew well that there are risks along the road. With temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius, one must be expecting problems at any time.

And everybody knows that problems can be surmounted much easier if there are two people instead of one solo traveler. Lewis met Clark in the Army, I have found Peter on the travel companion website.

Travel Partner – The Expedition Starts

Neither I nor Peter were greenhorns. We both had an experience from treks in Asia and I did some also in South America. We knew what to do but it was refreshing to have someone to talk during the long walks. And I was feeling much better as I knew that in the case of emergency, there is someone to help me.

The trek was beautiful, we have seen all attractions it has to offer. From Finke River to the Serpentine Gorge and my personal favourite – the Ormiston Pound. It took us 17 days to finish and get to the Mount Sonder.

Pros And Cons Of The Travel Partner

Our trek passed off without any problem. But you can´t exclude it and for such a long trek in the harsh environment, you should not go alone. Many scenarios which will leave you unable to call for help can be imagined and it is pointless to risk the solo travel. With the travel partner system, the solution is out there.

Today, we are still in touch with Peter and we are considering another adventure. We both want to do some hiking in Indonesia. Who knows, maybe we will go. In any case, it seems that the Larapinta Trail was the beginning of the new friendship.