Truckers For Yang

Truckers For Yang Group Raising Funds for Branded Semi-Trucks in Support of Andrew Yang

The grassroots initiative, started by truckers and Yang supporters, aims to have 16 wrapped trucks on the road by the end of 2019.

DES MOINES, IA (November 1, 2019) - At Yangapalooza, a rally for Andrew Yang's closest supporters, Truckers For Yang announced its goal of 16 wrapped semi-trucks on the road for Andrew Yang by the end of the year.

The first wrapped truck, unveiled during the Ohio Democratic Debates, is driven by Fred Ramey, one of the most visible Yang supporters and founder of Truckers For Yang.

Fred explained the importance of Yang's Freedom Dividend policy for truckers.

“The livelihood of American truckers are under attack by self driving trucks that are already being tested on our roads. Andrew Yang's $1000 a month Freedom Dividend is the only policy that will provide a soft landing and keep drivers and their families clothed and fed while they seek other opportunities for employment” said Fred Ramey, Founder of Truckers for Yang.

Each truck wrap costs $10k. Additional funds are being raised for Truckers For Yang's national community outreach activities connecting with blue collar and disenfranchised voters nationwide.

The Iowa rally marks 93 days till the Democratic Primary’s first round of voting at the Iowa caucuses.


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For more information contact Truckers For Yang at or on twitter @TruckersForYang.

About Truckers For Yang

Truckers For Yang is a grassroots initiative to unite working class Americans behind presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. Maximum awareness will be driven by semi-truck drivers, one of the first segments of the workforce to feel the sting of artificial intelligence.


Sola Obayan

Communications Director, Truckers For Yang