Truckers For Yang

Truckers For Yang Puts Next Semi-Truck on the Road for Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

Jason and William Stewart join founder Fred Ramey in a branded Truckers For Yang semi.

LOS ANGELES (December 17, 2019) -- After reaching a crucial point in fundraising, Truckers or Yang is ready to put another branded semi truck on the road, launching the next phase in their efforts to get the word out on Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang. 

Considered a long shot from the beginning, Andrew Yang has become the seventh candidate to qualify for the Democratic debate on December 19th in Los Angeles, a mark eight of the surviving candidates have yet to hit. Despite media blackouts from top networks, resulting in the trending hashtag #YangMediaBlackOut, the momentum for Yang and his common sense policies continues to grow.

The Truckers for Yang initiative isn't relying on the mainstream media. The group has a plan to wrap 16 semi-trucks as super-sized mobile billboards to reach people across the country. Fred’s truck has been on the road since October, and now Jason and William Stewart will follow in his tracks. 


"Jason and William are opposites who compliment each other well. One drives while the other sleeps creating a trucking dream team that can go further and faster than they ever could alone. This is the synergy I’ve felt in the Yang Gang and why I’m confident that Andrew will win!"

- Fred Ramey, Founder of Truckers For Yang

Supporters from across the country have proven how much Yang’s message means to them by donating funds for 3 trucks in under a month. The momentum is high, the Yang Gang is fired up, and Truckers For Yang is aiming higher. They are actively raising funds to wrap and additional thirteen trucks and reach Americans across the country. 

Visit to learn more about the grassroots initiative and to donate.

Special Thanks to Wizzard Way for equipping Fred with the tools necessary to get the job done and Viga Design for the exceptional artwork.

About Truckers For Yang

Truckers For Yang is a grassroots initiative to unite working class Americans behind presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. Maximum awareness will be driven by semi-truck drivers, one of the first segments of the workforce to feel the sting of artificial intelligence.

Truckers For Yang is funded by TFY PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Sola Obayan

Communications Director, Truckers For Yang