Types of Liftgates

Popular Types of Liftgates for Quality Storage and Easy Transportation

If you’re planning to move to a new house or a new business location, then you are probably on the lookout for trucks or trailers to move huge items such as desks and devices to the new location. Many truck dealers provide affordable rental services that you can avail when need be.

Liftgates are an important attachment of a truck or trailer to provide storage space for items with big volumes that need to be transported from one place to another. Liftgates come in various types, conventional, rail, pick up etc. Here are some types of liftgates below that can be used for different purposes and loads.

1.  Conventional Liftgate

A conventional or the most functional liftgate is usually upright and is used for carrying heavy loads, shipments and heavy freight. This type of liftgate provides huge storage space like all others, and makes transportation easier.

2. Rail-Type Liftgate

Rail type liftgates are great for transporting heavy loads in one go. They are leveled with truck floor and are strong to hold heavy weights for bulk deliveries to homes and dockyards. Rail type liftgates provide optimal stability throughout the way from starting point to the destination which provides maximum security and safety for the cargo being transported.

3. Side Loader Liftgate

These kinds of liftgates are mainly made for trailers and trucks that have wide and large side door entrances. A side loader liftgate has an average lifting capacity of 3500lbs. they are easy to install on trailers as they can be installed with or without the use of a reefer.

4. Tuck Away Liftgate

Tuck away liftgates are very useful and probably the most accepted choice for many different useful purposes. Mostly, these tuck away liftgates are used by industries that do not require liftgates for the delivery of each product. A tuck away liftgate has a lifting capacity as much as 5000 lbs. Some tuck away liftgates can carry even more load but are not used so often.  

Liftgates are very useful when you want to move heavy duty items from one place to another. Many truck and trailer dealers provide liftgates along with truck rentals to make sure client requirements are met and you don’t have to make several roundtrips to transfer heavy items that you only need to move one in few years. For more information on new and used trucks, trailers and liftgates, log on to