Examining the Real Cost of Trump's Wall

Ever since Trump was confirmed as the Republican presidential nominee, he has pushed a series of xenophobic immigration policies that, while garnishing considerable support from his own followers, has drawn condemnation both at home and internationally. 

Perhaps his most controversial campaign policy however has been the construction of a 1,000 mile border wall with Mexico, in an attempt to curb the illegal immigration of Mexicans into the US. While referring to illegal Mexican immigrants as 'rapists', 'killers' and 'drug dealers' Trump has also suggested he would make Mexico pay for his wall, a promise met with cheers and vigorous support from his followers. Of course Mexico has categorically stated they will not be paying a penny towards the wall, but it hasn't stopped Trump both repeating this assertion and guaranteeing that, if elected, the wall would be built. 

But how much would such a massive wall cost? Trump's own estimate puts the cost between $8 and $12 billion, but doubt has been cast over the accuracy of his estimate. In fact, Real Money completed their own research into the wall, putting together the following infographic examining the real cost of Trump's wall: