It's up to you how far you take it... or it takes you!

You deserve a bra that is going to fit you perfectly and maximize what you naturally have. That's where Upbra® comes into play! Each of our bras and swim have ActiveLift® technology within the cups to take your girls and lift them together and up. And it stays up strapless! Cleavage for small cup sizes and lift for large cup sizes. Can your bra do this?

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Upbra® - It's up to you how far you take it... or it takes you!

Introducing the Upbra® bra - the world's first fully adjustable cleavage lift up bra. You can FEEL it lift. You can SEE it lift. Watch your cleavage grow right before your eyes! Not your ordinary bra. You control your cleavage; lift a little or a lot. Just pull the magic cleavage control straps and the Upbra bra lifts you up from UNDERNEATH and AROUND the sides of your breasts. Only the Upbra bra has this unique ActiveLift® technology. The Upbra bra is not like an ordinary bra or push up bra that squeezes you in or push you up over the cups creating ugly bulges. It lifts so well it doesn't need pads. It's 100% you. For rounder, fuller, higher, everyday wear... new Upbra bra. Now available in the classic t-shirt bra, strapless bra, convertible bra, and even swim top! Does your bra do this?