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Noodles curry in Vinh Chau

Vinh Chau is a town of Soc trang in Vietnam, where products purple onion is the consumer favorites like barns offers for the whole South and many other cities in the country. But mention yongzhou, in addition remember to the purple onion fragrance also reminds tourists have visa to Vietnam, remember to dish noodles curry unique. However, not famous, rice noodles or Rice noodles, but rice noodles in curry also bring unique customers.

Soul juice of dish noodles this is the broth saffron color wave comparison, with the smell of curry gently, not so bold as curries. The broth is stewed from meat duck but not chicken or goat cow as a traditional curry, add some curry powder to create fragrance, and colours, coconut milk, stewed with taro. Stew slowly over low heat for tender meat, canned, potato dough, such as water, viscous, then turn off the stove. 

Cake noodles were tufted through to the bowl then drizzle with broth comparison gelatinous up on the same few pieces, duck meat, last for up the face on the little sprouts, green onions, the smell of tau. Bowl of noodles from a steaming, fragrant smell of curry, each thread noodles white, not tinged with yellow turmeric, water comparison, slightly fat but not too rich, sweet, by distill the essence from the duck meat, duck meat no longer unpleasant smell of duck that lightly scented the smell of curry, re soft scad, delicious, sweet taro powder, bui, the broth was indeed very tasty, very unique flair. Served with pancake noodles with a little broth, cake noodles is not friable, soft, water deeply sweet, leaving a sugary aftertaste penetrates each of the teeth, speechless.

To say noodles curry is a creation full of edgy, exciting people's Vinh Chau. Is the combination like no disagreement that real harmony between the definition authentic Indian cuisine with the definition, a rustic western Vietnam in which people have the modification truly unique as instead of taking meats chicken, goat familiar with curry, they use a meat duck feed in the marsh, instead of the root vegetables, heavy odor, such as onions, carrots, potatoes, use the potato so calming incense, and no more dairy fat into the cellar general, but only for coconut milk to add fat to the dish. The conversion it's very creative, it make a rice noodle curry become mixed with the taste of most Vietnamese customers.

Source: Dat phong khach san