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Questions for New Car Buyer – Is GAP Insurance Worth It?

GAP insurance is a necessity to your car because you can’t be too sure of when you’ll need it. Despite the fact that most people think it is a waste of resources to opt for a car GAP insurance, it can save you a great deal of stress if you actually have one. It is a lot easier to recover from a financial loss due to car theft or car accidents with car GAP cover. The regular auto insurance might not cover for a car loss due to collision with another car or complete loss of the vehicle. These losses can be prevented by purchasing GAP insurance.

What exactly is the difference?

People must understand that there is a difference between a car GAP cover and a car auto insurance. Car auto insurance covers the payment of the present cash value of the car to the lender, this insurance is not designed to cover the balance of the car loan. Depending on the type of vehicle, this might be quite expensive. It is no news flash that any vehicle purchased on loan or lease automatically depreciates in value the minute it is purchased.

However, for those with car Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance, you can expect the insurer to pay the difference in cost value lost within a year. This payment can be used as a part payment for the cash value of the car to the lender. Car GAP insurance is the best option for those that purchased their cars on lease or on a loan. If you have not made a down payment for purchasing a vehicle on lease or on a loan, your safest bet is to consider purchasing GAP insurance.

This option is for the long haul

A car Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance is the best choice for people that; finance for 5 years or more, drive more than an average distance of approximately 15,000 miles, lease a car, put less than 20% down payment for the purchased car, buy a car with an history of increased depreciation rates, and roll a negative equity from a previous car loan into a new car loan. If you are a new car buyer that fits into the criteria listed above, GAP insurance is definitely worth it.

There are varying costs of GAP insurance depending on the particular insurance country and the part of the country you are in. a notable fact about the cost of a car GAP insurance is that it depreciates along with the cost of collision and as the car ages with time. People must ensure they purchase GAP insurance from a dealer that offers a reasonable cost price. Car GAP insurance can be purchased at any point in time. There isn’t a specific time period for purchase; it is also preferable to purchase a car GAP insurance from an insurance company.

It is always better to play safe; you can prevent finding yourself in an awful fix of a total car loss. Make sure you get car GAP insurance for your vehicle.