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Interesting facts about car warranty in the UK

Interesting facts about car warranty in the UK

Warranty is an inseparable component of new cars. Car manufacturers offer warranty against every new car as it is obligatory on their part. Even for some used cars, you might find warranties available although it is discretionary on the part of the dealer. Moreover, new car warranties and used car warranties are completely different in its coverage and benefits. Nowadays, car owners are heavily relying on warranties because car repairing has become quite expensive.

Warranty period can vary

The validity of warranty for new cars can vary between manufacturers. While Nissan and Honda may have similar terms and warranty cover period, Hyundai can have something different. Not only it varies between manufacturers but it can also vary between different models of the same manufacturer. Therefore, carefully examine the warranty cover that you are offered as it can influence your buying decision. However, coverage for 60,000 miles or a minimum period of three years, whichever happens earlier, is the least that you can expect. Considering that the average British driver covers 8,000 miles a year, the warranty will last throughout the minimum period of validity.

Warranty transfer and longer coverage

If you are flexible in your choice of car manufacturer and want to enjoy maximum warranty cover then there are some companies like Hyundai and Kia that offer 5 year and 7-year coverage. While Kia has a capping of 100,000 miles for the warranty, Hyundai has left the mileage open and unlimited. The most interesting part about these companies is that they allow owners to transfer the warranty when they sell the car within the warranty period.

Extended warranty

The disparity between warranty periods generates competition among manufacturers who devise schemes to hold on their customers. Car manufacturers that offer shorter warranties, give customers the option to continue even after the expiry of the warranty by paying for additional cover for some more time. This is known as extended warranty and customers enjoy similar benefits as they had enjoyed during the original warranty cover. Similar extended warranty is available from third parties also but the nature of coverage and how comprehensive it is having to be considered carefully. The usual exceptions under warranty cover are applicable during the extended period.

Types of warranties

• Manufacturer’s warranty – The one that we are all familiar with is the warranty offered by car manufacturers. However, the warranty claims have to be routed through dealers.

• Dealer warranty – If you buy a car from a franchised dealer, then it is the responsibility of that dealer to offer warranty. This is known as dealer warranty.

• Third party warranty – This is offered by smaller dealers and can also be chargeable. Such warranties can be shopped around to get the best deal.

Cars have become more comfortable to ride and even more reliable technologically. But this has also pushed up repairing costs. Failures are less but the complex technology that is used, have made failures quite costly. Therefore having a warranty in place can save you good money.