Virtual Employee

Things to keep in Mind while hiring your First Remote Employee

Remote employees today are an everyday reality of business operations around the world. From the very basic “work from home” culture to entire processes and services getting outsourced to third party vendors, remote employees play crucial roles in maintaining the service and operations health of major organizations, which in turn range from as diverse fields as healthcare to IT/ITES.

If you own a business, your primary concern will be profitability. And as we have learnt through the hard times of recession, a dollar saved is a dollar earned! Hiring remote workers is a key step to ensure low running costs of your business. If you hire an employee, he/she would need a bare minimum setup to work with. That automatically pushes up your overhead. Add the word remote to the word employee, your overhead decreases immediately.

However, there are a two basic things one must keep in mind before engaging the services of a remote employee.

·        Do proper research on the background of the prospective employee or facility in question. Remember, your remote worker will still need a basic infrastructure and appropriate supervision. Often, businesses physically hire an employee and bite down on the proverbial bullet, purely to ensure proper supervision of the employee. It is a legitimate concern. Hence it is a good idea for businesses to go for an established third party vendor or service provider instead of individuals and free lancers. Especially if you are looking to outsource entire service departments like customer service, accounts, human resources etc. Established entities will ensure that your work is handled by a team rather than individuals with a proper supervisory hierarchy in place. That also speeds up information dissemination as you do not have to engage everybody separately and can leave the task to the on ground supervisory team. The end user also gets a concise, precise and strictly need to know instructions and information.

·        Any nature of business which deals in people to people contact needs to have people proficient in the English language; which has become the de-facto lingua franca of businesses globally. Hence, proficiency in English should be a key consideration while hiring your remote employee. Only a handful of developing economies are as proficient in the English language as their basic skillset. This has seen countries like China, which is booming in every other sphere, lag behind in the service and IT/ITES sectors. And this is exactly where a country like India scores. Not only does India have an enormous talent pool of highly educated and skilled people, numbers which aren’t too dissimilar to China, it also possesses an incredibly large number of English speakers. In fact India was second only to the United States in the number of English speakers, more than the very country where the language was born and derives its name from. And the cherry on the cake is the cross section of the English speakers in India with people with necessary skill sets that you might be looking for is incredibly high. That ensures healthy competition, lower costs and crucially, more options for a business. So it will be a good idea to hire a team or people to work remotely from India.

Hence, next time you looking to hire remote workers, you might want to look towards an established Indian concern and allow them to partner you in your growth. India remains the pre-eminent destination of business outsourcing for a majority of the Fortune 500 companies. Centers like Delhi national capital region, Bangalore, Pune-Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai provide high concentrations of extremely skilled, highly educated English speakers, coming from the best universities and institutes in India. Such talent only comes at a fraction of the cost to hiring a similar talent in US or Europe.