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Why India is fast becoming the animation hub of the world

A couple of years ago, there was a FIFA online tournament held at Yiwu, China. And surprising everybody, the fourth place was secured by an Indian. However, although it might have shocked some, gaming and animation have been big in India for some time now. In fact, pioneers like Disney and IMAX have sought to outsource 3D animation to India for some time now, and 3D animation outsourcing has turned cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum into global animation hubs. A Daily Mail UK report in 2014 had put the size of the Indian animation industry at $890 million. Today India’s animation industry stands at around a billion dollars. And it’s growing.

To understand why India is becoming the preferred destination for anyone looking for a 3D animation artist for hire, one needs to understand existing advantages with India.


1.    World’s largest film industry: For starters, India happens to have the largest film industry in the world, where more than 1600 films are made in more than ten languages across six major centers. Driving down the streets of Mumbai or Chennai, the one thing that you might notice are the film posters. Thousands of them. In all shapes, sizes and hues. There are entire walls which need proper excavation if one were to even reach the concrete. There could be up to fifty to sixty layers of paper plastered over these walls. And they are mostly film posters! Indians just love films! And just like Hollywood, animation and special effects are increasingly playing a crucial role in Indian films, esp. given how full of color and vibrancy they generally are. This ensures a huge domestic demand, which has meant the industry, which requires amalgamation both art and technology, is domestically extremely strong. Compare this with other outsourcing like South Korea- it’s a no brainer. Hence when global powerhouses

2.    Indians are artistic: Art is dear to most Indians. Indians have traditionally excelled in different art forms and there is historical evidence of this spread over three millennia and more. Since animation is widely considered to be 70 percent art and 30 percent technology, Indians have tended to excel at it.

3.    Technical Prowess: India is currently the knowledge capital of the world when it comes software engineering and development. It corners 63 percent of all jobs outsourced in this segment globally. The mathematical comparisons to any other country presents a ridiculously lopsided picture. This has a fallout on the animation industry too. Animation calls for expert technical knowledge. It’s an extremely technical field. India’s animation and multimedia production houses have benefited immensely from the abundance of technical talent. India's animators are well-versed in different techniques such as custom animation, cell animation and animation effects to create 2D animation movies, e-cards, games, interactive CD presentations, and advertisements and 3D animation movie clips, game development, and TV commercials.

4.    Knowledge of the English language: This aspect of India has proved to be a game changer on multiple fronts. The ease of communicating with an Indian is one of the biggest reasons why outsourcing is big in India. So if you are sitting in North America or the UK and looking for 2D animation artists for hire for a small project, you would automatically prefer India thanks to the ease of communication.

5.    Talent pool: As already stated, be it 2D animation artists for hire or 3D, India’s talent pool is almost never ending. There are hundreds of schools who teach animation, churning out trained individuals who quickly join the titanic entertainment industry in India and get excellent experience and training from the very best. While in North America or EU or Australia, you might have trouble locating good 3D animation artists for hire, since most of the good ones are already taken, in India, the supply chain is never ending.

6.    Cost effective: And the abundance of supply brings us to our last but most important point- cost! Thanks to the sort of competition faced by Indian animation specialists, the remunerations are incredibly client friendly. Companies who cater to 2D or 3D animation outsourcing are able to give clients extremely favorable terms. While an animator might cost up to $125 an hour in the US, in India that figure is around $25. It’s a no brainer really why people looking to outsource 3D animation are looking towards India. 



India with its sheer numbers has cornered the 3D animation outsourcing world. The numbers tell a similar story when it comes to seeking 2D animation artists for hire for small to medium range projects, which have lower budgets. And while the industry grows at 13-16 percent annually in India; after the release of the epic films like Bahubali, which have depended heavily on multimedia special effects and animation, the trends will only increase. Gaming is also fast catching on, and soon, just like IT/ITES, India is set to become the animation capital of the world.