Vita Talalay

Benefits of Eating Kale

Have you ever wondered what are super foods? Well, super foods are foods that can boost your health and that have little calories, sugars and fat. But, do you think that it is actually possible to find such foods? Well, you will be surprised if we tell you that it actually is possible! Its name is kale, and it is a vegetable that practically has it all.


Why do we say it has it all? Because, the vegetable known as kale has is very easy to incorporate in your weekly menus, because there are many kale recipes for you to prepare, and kale has multiple health benefits. On top, kale has zero calories.  

If you have never eaten kale before or do not know much about is fantastic health benefits, you truly are missing one of the greatest foods that you could incorporate to your diet, as kale has been ranked as one of the healthiest foods in the world, because of the amazing benefits that it has on your health.

Kale is really rich in fiber and nutrients, all which are beneficial for your health. Especially because kale helps you keep your hair healthy and strong, you’re skin glowing and healthy, and your bones strong and healthy. The vegetable kale contains a great amount of nutrients and fiber. The nutrients in kale help you to maintain healthy and strong hair, healthy skin and bones. The fiber content enhances your digestion and helps to maintain your weight.

And, the best about kale is that it is completely fat free, really low calorie and it is packed with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is very easy to cook, and you can benefit from its health added benefits by simply consuming it.

Kale into detail

Kale is part from the cabbage family. Also broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower belong to the same kind of group. Kale belongs to the Brassica Oleracea plant species, and it can come in different shapes, textures and appearances. But, no matter its color (green or purple), or its texture (smooth or rough leaves), its health benefits will be the same. However, if you go to the grocery shop it is likely that you find the most common of all, Scots kale, which is the curly green type with a hard stem.

Health Benefits of Kale

It does not matter if you are new to kale super food or a fan of it, because you will be equally surprised to find out how many health benefits it can offer to you.

Weight Loss & Detoxing

Kale is a powerful vegetable to help you lose weight, as it is extremely low in calories, but just by eating it your stomach feels full, so it helps you reduce your appetite while saving on the calories. Thus, because of the low calorie level and high density of water that kale contains, kale has a low energy density. And, it has been proven by nutritionists that eating a lot of low density foods can help you lose weight efficiently.

Sleep Better

Because kale is considered one of the most nutricious dense foods on the planet, it enables you to sleep better. But do not forget that having the right latex mattress will help you sleep just as your body needs. If you would like to know all of the benefits and recipes of kale, please click here to read the full article!