Vanan launches its brand new Voice Over Services

Vanan provides quality transcription services with 24/7 customer service always ready to assist and help you.

Our company have started from simple transcription and translation projects. Through the years we have built up our reputation to bringing quality products to our customers and has since then put together a company that banks on top quality work without the need to pay too much for each project. Today we are launching a new service, Vanan Voice Over Services.

This is not an entirely new market for us. In fact we have launched this services way back, and have recently made upgrades and updates on the team working on this particular project.Through the years, our voice over services have quietly built its reputation as one of the best service providers in the business. We are slowly transforming this particular division into one of our major projects to date. With this launch, we aim to push further the quality of service that our company have been known for since.

We have made several renovation to our voice over services. We have hired professional voice talents which we will add to our growing pool of experts that are always ready to address any voice over projects given to us. As always, our top aim is to project excellent and professional quality voice overs without the usual high price tag that accompanies it.

Our client base have continued to grow, thanks to the referrals we are getting from our most trusted clients. Jonathan Pine, a loyal Vanan client, has this to say, “Ever since I have done my first project with Vanan, I have always seek their services. I started out with transcriptions and translations, and now I am also transferring my voice over project needs to them as I am confident that they can deliver the quality I need for my own business.”

We have worked hard to achieve the quality of work that we are pushing right now. Moreover, we are striving to stick to that high level of quality in order to keep our current client base, and continue to earn new ones.We have recently scored a major quality seal which is the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The consistency and quality of our service have caught the eyes of the world’s leading standards organization and they awarded us with this certification as proof of our commitment to providing on the best quality services to our clients.

Please feel free to check out our newly created website solely for our voice over services department. It has all the necessary details you need to know about our newly renovated service. The website provides details about our voice over services and rates. You can also check out get a free quote directly from our website and have your voice over services processed there.We have a standby customer service support team that are ready to serve you 24/7. We also have a live chat support team that is ready to provide you with all the necessary details about our voice over services. We are happy to help you with all your voice over services needs.