Precautions your doctor should give before commencing cosmetic procedures

Ageing is something every individual will encounter. What most people hate about ageing are the changes on their faces and skin. The growth of unwanted hair is part of ageing. Permanent solutions for ageing symptoms will relieve most folks. The wrinkles and sunken cheeks are visible. They alter the facial structure and beauty of a person.Know the precautions before taking cosmetic procedures.


The treatment of ageing symptoms does not include pregnant mothers. Those that are breastfeeding can be excluded too. The researchers do not know the effect of voluma on breastfeeding mothers. No research has been done yet. Let the dermatologist know everything regarding your conditions. He/she will advise you if you can handle the treatment. It is advisable to wait until you have finished nursing.


The dermatologists will ask the age of the patient before starting the procedure. The reactions of the procedure might not be favourable for people of certain ages. For instance, the use of juvederm gel cannot be suitable for people under the age of 18. The people who have surpassed the age of 65 might be prohibited too. For the sake of your health, share the correct details about your age with the expert.

Regions for treatment

The regions to be treated might limit the dermatologists. Cosmetic dermatologists mostly deal with the visible parts. Their work is to enhance and retain the beauty of their clients. For this reason they might shun treating some parts. The laser hair removal procedure might be done on specific body parts only. That makes it essential to ask the professional in advance. He/she can accept or refuse.


Any other skin condition should be reported to the cosmetic expert. Those conditions might culminate in complications if neglected. That is the reason why cosmetic specialists take time to ask questions. The pigmentation of the skin needs to be highlighted. The use of some cosmetic products will escalate the changes in skin pigmentation. Your skin will be scarred and become worse than it was before.

Other cosmetic methods

How many cosmetic procedures have you planned to undergo? Many people undergo various procedures. However, they fail to let the cosmetic specialist know what they are planning. Taking these procedures ignorantly is not a good idea. After voluma gel injection refrain from laser treatment and chemical peel. That will result in increased inflammation and cause discomfort.

Skin injury

If you had skin injury before, inform the specialists. This information is vital if that same part will be affected by the treatment. When the gel is injected near that part, the patient might get an infection. The infection might be worse that the present condition. Prevent the specialist from tampering with an injured skin. He will find a way to administer treatment safely.


Are you on medication? Certain medication does not coincide well with the laser hair removal procedure. This also includes the juvederm gel. Medication that can result in excessive bleeding ought to be stopped. Best example is aspirin and ibuprofen. That will only trigger bruising of the skin causing more damage on it.