What's your vision for Wyoming's future?

This election, every election, is about you and your vision for Wyoming’s future.

If you believe Wyoming’s future is dependent on:

  • Diversifying our economy by encouraging new industries
  • Keeping public lands in public hands
  • Improving healthcare access and stabilizing our hospitals and clinics
  • Investing in our future by supporting education and our workers

Then vote for Julia Stuble for House District 54!

I was born and raised in a Wyoming mining town. Mineral extraction will always be important for Wyoming's economy, but no longer needs to be our only economic base. I'll work for a vibrant Wyoming future that creates jobs.

If elected for House District 54, I will listen to you. I'll work on your behalf to create jobs and to end boom and bust cycles. I am constantly impressed by the many local ideas that promote visionary, long-term, and sustainable growth for Lander. It's time to take those ideas--and your vision for Wyoming's future--to the Legislature.


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