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A letter to friends from Candidate Julia Stuble

A letter to friends from Candidate Julia Stuble

Dear Lander Friends, 

This election is about you, your family, and our future together as a community. These are tough times for Wyoming. But sadly our Legislature and Representative Larsen are part of the problem, engaging in frivolous conversations driven by party priorities. You deserve better.

Rep. Larsen is not the right choice to represent Lander. He doesn’t seem to understand our economy, why we choose to live here, and what we want for Wyoming’s future. And he doesn’t seem to want to broaden his understanding or work with people who have different ideas than his. You deserve better. 

Since June, I have been going door to door speaking with you, on your doorstep, at your kitchen table. I have heard what your concerns are and I will take them to Cheyenne. 

This is my pledge to you, if you elect me as your Representative: you will have energetic and inclusive representation in Cheyenne. I will host forums before and after the session to coordinate with you. If you write to me, I’ll write back. If you call me, I will call back. You will get a report card after the session detailing how I voted, and why. We will have frequent, honest, and open communication. My goal? You’ll never wonder if your interests are being represented or feel like you are left behind. 

If you believe: 

  • we can maintain the integrity of our open spaces while securing economic growth. 
  • our families deserve to benefit from affordable high-quality healthcare regardless of proximity or income. 
  • a strong educational system will enhance the next generation’s ability to navigate an increasingly complex world. 
  • well-trained workers will attract high-quality employers. 

Then I ask you to join me. The challenges facing our state are becoming more complex, and we need all the good ideas we can get. Together, we can craft a future for Wyoming that doesn’t leave any of us behind. 

I'd appreciate your vote on November 8th. 


Julia Stuble