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Wahl Tackles the Opioid Epidemic with the Power of Shiatsu Massage

–Three new massagers relieve pain with deep-kneading massage method–

STERLING, Ill. (March 2, 2019) Millions of Americans are living with chronic pain, and unfortunately it’s contributing to the scary trend of rapidly increasing opioid addictions and deaths. Thankfully, many people looking for non-analgesic options have turned to massage. In fact, Shiatsu, or the method of using circular finger-like pressure on pain points, is the most common massage technique used by professionals. There’s a good reason for this, the deep kneading attacks muscle pain that hides below the surface. Wahl is supporting this natural pain-relief movement, as its new lineup of massagers are designed to harness the healing power of shiatsu and include the Heated Deep Knead Shiatsu Massage Wrap, Hot/Cold Shiatsu Pillow and Deep Rolling Shiatsu Massager.


In addition to introducing new products, Wahl has partnered with board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Shilpi Agarwal to spread the word on natural pain relief options. According to Dr. Shilpi, “Each day more than 100 people die from opioid overdose and the victims are not who you may suspect them to be. They often start out using medications prescribed by a doctor for an injury or chronic issue, but the debilitating and frustrating effects of pain often lead to the misuse of these medications.”


Jenny McLaughlin, product manager for Wahl Therapeutic Massagers, further supports Dr. Shilpi’s claims. She says, “We know from research, pain relief is by far the biggest reason people use our massagers, this is not surprising. What people may be surprised by, however, is the effectiveness of our new massagers, as they have features you can’t find on the market right now.”


Heated Deep Knead Shiatsu Massage Wrap


The Heated Deep Knead Shiatsu Massage Wrap has soft and flexible handgrips that allow you to pull it around your back, neck or most any part of the body. You control the pressure of the massage by pulling tighter for customized relief. This new massager is unique to the market and offers differences such as:


  • Shiatsu nodes at varying heights simulate the sensation of real fingers kneading at different pressures. The closest competitor has only four total nodes of the same height while this wrap offers six nodes of varying heights.

  • The nodes have a dual rotation, meaning their circular motion can be programmed to massage in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.


  • Deep and even coil heating can be added to further enhance the massage, similar to the deep warmth of a heating pad.


Hot/Cold Shiatsu Pillow


Once you recline on the Hot/Cold Shiatsu Pillow you’ll simultaneous feel soothing relief to your neck and upper back. Its ergonomic design, however, allows it to also be used on your lower back and legs. And while competitors may offer similar products, nothing else on the market can compare to its unique features including:


  • Two dual-rotating heads and six shiatsu nodes, surpass the competitor’s total of four nodes. What’s more, compared to competitors, the rotating heads are larger in circumference and spaced further apart covering a larger surface area.


  • Gel packs can be inserted for the soothing combination of massage along with hot or cold temperatures. Simply put the gel pack in the microwave and use heat therapy to increase blood flow and loosen muscles, or pop it in the freezer when you need to reduce swelling and inflammation.


Deep Rolling Shiatsu Massager


Nothing can pinpoint problem areas quite like a hand-held massager. The Deep Rolling Shiatsu Massager allows you to attack pain just about anywhere on your body; its features include:


  • Compact and easy to grip, don’t let the small size fool you, its powerful enough to laser target pain and dig deep.


  • While powerful, the intensity can be controlled to any comfort level with a variable-speed motor.


  • Three therapeutic shiatsu attachments, offer unique massage experiences.


  • With the flip of a switch, the massager adds heat to your massage, increasing blood flow and loosening muscles even further.


  • A 9-foot cord allows you to easily use the massager wherever is most convenient, from lounging on the couch or sitting at your desk.


The Heated Deep Knead Shiatsu Massage Wrap has a MSRP of $44.99, the Hot/Cold Shiatsu Pillow has a MSRP of $49.99 and the Deep Rolling Shiatsu Massager has a MSRP of $39.99. They are all currently available for distribution. More Wahl therapeutic massagers are currently available at select retailers nationwide, or at Retailers interested in more information about Wahl products should call (815) 625-6525.


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