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Fall Thrive Guide - embrace the change of season

Fall Thrive Guide - embrace the change of season

Beautiful views surround the Lodge...

Routines change with the seasons, and sometimes our healthy habits are the first to disappear. Create a goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the holiday season, by watching your weight and making choices that lift your spirits and avoid illness. 

Enjoy the seasonal decor in the Lodge, take a walk with a resident or friend and let the music fill the room and the spirit!

1. Your surroundings: It is time to DE-clutter your space and donate what you don’t need or use. Get cozy by adding blankets and throws and add warm colors in your wardrobe. Surround yourself with a living space that feels easy and welcoming.

2. Try something new: Set a fall intention that gets you excited about the season – like learning a new skill. Choose a project you can dive into perhaps play the piano, start up a knitting project or play games with friends. With a change in the weather and daylight hours find a way to keep your body active and mind engaged.

3. Stay hydrated: While we are more aware of hydration throughout the summer, it’s easy to forget when the weather cools down. We still need water to flush the toxins out of our body and stay at peak performance. Consider choosing warmer beverages like hot cocoa or apple cider. You might try green tea instead of coffee to and increase your metabolism and help combat viruses.

4. Fresh Air & Sunshine - Keep moving avoid stagnation: Going outdoors boosts your vitamin D levels and immune system, combats depression, and reduces stress and fall allergies. Remember to wear hats, scarves and gloves and enjoy the cooler weather. Whether you are inside or out remember to keep moving!

5. Seasonal Food: It’s the time of year to eat warm foods that moisten and nurture and warm the body. Try squash to boost serotonin or sweet potatoes for a dose of antioxidants for your immune system. In the fall we tend to eat more and exercise less. Historically, we brought in the fall harvest to prepare for potential winter famine. Early nights play a role too: less sunlight means less serotonin, so we become more depressed and seek comfort in carbohydrates.

6. Curl up with a good book: As the leaves turn and fall there is nothing quite like curling up with a good book. Perhaps choose something to uplift your spirits or go for a book in the educational genre. Consider a book club to add socialization in your winter routine.

There's always a friend to play games and visit with and you can always find a cozy place to read!

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