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Warm Valley Lodge takes fall prevention seriously

(Dubois, Wyo.) - According to there are many reasons why seniors fall and there are numerous ways to help prevent falling. At Warm Valley Lodge we have a support network and programs that focus on fall prevention for our residents.

We also have a trainer that conducts exercise classes at the Lodge 3 days a week focused on strength training, balance and flexibility. The nursing staff constantly reminds residents to use an assistive device correctly. We have foot care monthly and make sure everyone has routine eye exams and that glasses are properly taken care of. At the Lodge residents can walk many snow free miles inside the building and in summer can stroll by the river. The nursing staff also manages medications which can be critical to good health.

Why do seniors fall?

  • Lower extremity muscle weakness
  • Gait and/or balance problems
  • Improper use of an assistive device (cane, walker)
  • Visual impairments
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Certain medications 

Did you know… (Nurse Aid/VIP July 2016)

  • Falls are the leading cause of death and disability in seniors
  • Many seniors never fully recover from a fall
  • Only 1 in 4 seniors with a hip fracture make a full recovery
  • 1 in 2 forever lose the ability to walk independently (without assistive devices)
  • 1 in 5 dies within 12 months of a fall as a result of complications.

 At Warm Valley Lodge we take fall prevention seriously:

  • We encourage regular exercise, it is a key factor in fall prevention. This includes small walks, gardening, cycling, dancing etc. Exercise helps maintain strong muscles and bones as well as balance and flexibility.
  • Make sure residents have and use night lights and remind residents to make sure their apartment is well-lit.
  • Remind residents not to rush; when standing from sitting, take a brief 10 second pause to get blood recirculating to avoid “seeing stars” and loosing balance
  • Encourage the use of hand rails when available
  • Remind them to pick up their feet and look forward when ambulating
  • Make sure seniors have proper foot wear, a shoe with a back and that fits well
  • We help schedule routine vision exams. If they have glasses we make sure they wear them, and that they are clean and don’t have excessive scratches
  • We ensure carpets do not have loose edges and avoid throw rugs. We keep floors clean, dry and free from clutter. We keep cords hidden, or use tape to secure them to flooring.

If you have a loved one who needs assistance with daily living it might be time to investigate a safe place to for them live, before a fall requires a move. Please feel free to come visit us at Warm Valley Lodge, in Dubois, Wyoming.

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