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4 E-commerce Marketing Growth Hack

Consumers are bombarded with countless e-commerce businesses and more are added each year. While the competition is truly tough, there are a few names that are really making it big.

The quality of marketing initiatives is one of the factors that set apart an e-commerce player for the rest. It is our aspiration to help your business be known as one of the leaders in this highly competitive industry.

This being said, here are 4 e-commerce marketing growth hacks shared to us by an SEO Toronto company that can help you take your e-commerce business to the next level:

Keyword Research

Doing keyword research can really help you out for marketing your e-commerce business. By using the right keywords, you can greatly improve your search engine optimization initiatives.

When you do keyword research, you are bound to end up with a pile of keywords, but you should choose those that are truly reflective of your business, especially if you are serving a specific niche.

The goal is to find the best keyword that can help you rank well, making you the first to appear on the search engine results page when a potential customer searches the web in search of something to buy.

However, it must be noted that to rank high, just using a keyword is not enough. You will need to also create quality content. The combination of the right keyword and having quality content gives you more chances of being on top of the results page.

Use referral marketing

Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective marketing strategies. Word of mouth has taken a lot of forms, and it has also crossed over to the digital age. One way you can do this is by allowing the sharing of your digital marketing materials. This can help to easily spread the word about your products.

Another way to do this is by actually having a referral program wherein you can reward your customers with discount vouchers when a person he refers make a purchase. This highly engaging campaign can really encourage your customers to introduce your brand to more and more potential customers. Your reach is bound to expand through this.

Always remember though that incentives alone won’t cut it. You will need to ensure that you provide enough quality to earn the right to be shared. True, you may have referral programs, but if you are not worthy of being referred because you always have defective products, or if you have a pitiful delivery service, then you will definitely not earn the results you wish. Worse, what may spread is a negative feedback that can totally break you.

Your business’ name will be out there, make sure that it spreads for the right reason.

Competitor Analysis

It is a wise idea to see what your competitors are doing especially in terms of marketing. Know what they are doing and how they are faring. Understand what the strengths are, and look for their weaknesses.

From here, formulate your own strategies. Also, find where you’re good at, and ensure that you would be able to provide for their shortcomings so that you will be a better choice. Also, while it may be a little too much of a goal, it’s a good idea to aspire to become the same level as the industry leaders. Analyze what they’re doing and try to become like them, but do not copy what they’re doing. Take inspiration from what they are doing and create your own strategies.

To make it out alive in this very tough competition, you’ll really need to know who you’re fighting against. Competitor analysis is really important, make sure that you take this seriously. 

Go Viral to grow more

One of the best goals to set for your marketing campaigns is to go viral. Being viral depicts that your campaign has reached a lot of potential customers and that it has engaged a lot of them as well. To go viral means that your campaign has been liked, shared, and commented on by a decent number of people, which means that what you have done has clicked.

Going viral is deeply associated with social media, a channel that no longer simply refers to providing a platform for socializing with friends, but a great platform for marketing as well. To be able to attract the attention of a huge number of people, that really means something.

To become viral, you’ll need to be very creative – you’ll need to think outside the box. Come up with a material with a surprised, and really unexpected ending, or talk about something very timely, or start a campaign of something very interesting.

You’ll never know when you’ll go viral but it is great to make a target so that you will always be challenged to think very creatively about your business. Again, always aim to go viral – this is a modern-day marketer’s dream!

Author Bio:

John Vuong is the sole owner of Local SEO Search, an SEO Toronto company. John’s mission is to help local business owners improve their online influence so they can dominate their industry. With his business acumen and innate understanding of the local business landscape, John writes blogs that delve on how to customize SEO campaigns based on client needs.